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Cheap Websites

Cheap Websites are markered as cheap and affordable because if you are looking to gain an advantage over the competition, then a cheap website will not be the ultimate choice for your business success. Hiring a website developer that offers a price that’s hard to believe means that it could be too good to be true!

Cheap Websites

Starting a website project can be time-consuming, especially if you’re on a tight budget. But the basics of web design 101 research before jumping on a price that’s too good to be true! 

We now live in an age where websites are vital for sharing information, and nearly anyone can create a cheap website. For the website to attract and sustain visitors, the content must be good, and its presence must be of quality. An affordable website does not have to look “cheap.” Visitors do not want to be overwhelmed with ads. Cutting website costs in some areas can drive visitors away, leading to higher prices in the future. Whether you are a small business looking for website services or a professional just starting, research is recommended throughout the process when building a cheap website.

What happened?

We all know that in 1990 the World Wide Web was born. Soon after, the very first website went live in late 1992. At this time and for quite a while, it typically took a professional in the field or a hobbyist to build a website. These designers were quite sought after as websites became increasingly popular and essential. Not everyone could afford a website at that time as they can today. Having a specialist build and maintain a website could be pretty costly. Since then, much has changed. The programming used at that time has become easier to understand and use. Websites can be formatted, built, and customized with the click of a mouse.

Anyone can customize and build a website; expertise is no longer needed. Innovation and ease of use have affected the affordability of websites. Cheap websites can result in one of the worst websites around! But, professional web designers can offer affordable and competitively priced web solutions.  

Cheapest Option When Doing it By Yourself

The online world is full of overpriced and cheap websites alike. Over time owning and running a website has become more affordable for many reasons. One of the biggest reasons for this affordability is that a website designer may no longer be needed. The middleman has been removed. Clients can deal directly with and find their web hosting or domain services. Many web hosting services will include domain names and web design tutorials!

Not paying a designer for these services leads to an even cheaper website. When paying a designer, you are paying for their time and expertise. A designer may include the price of hosting and the domain name in their costs. Having to find and navigate these services can be difficult. But, without the proper knowledge, you could spend more time, causing headaches and resulting in a not-so-affordable website.

All top websites always have a professional web designer or a team of developers. That’s one significant factor why they are at the top! Hence, getting professionals to design, market, and maintain the website makes sense. This will free up your time and allow you to focus on what you are good at, that’s running your business. 

Cheap Websites


Some believe the way to a cheap website is to do it themselves. Some are willing to learn all they need to know and build a site from the ground up. The availability of software development technology has made it easy and affordable to obtain knowledge. School and books are not necessarily needed to learn and design a simple website.

Many sites provide free information and resources. Some areas have videos or games to teach. Others code websites. It can take quite a bit to learn everything that needs to be known, but the knowledge gained can be well worth it for some. Unfortunately, just learning how to code is not enough. Other costs must be paid before having a website go live. 

The cost of a name

The cost of a domain name will differ depending on the company offering the domain services. A domain name is needed so that others can navigate to the site. Some website providers will provide a free subdomain name while using their services. It is good practice to research to ensure they offer the best price for the services provided. Just because free is an added tagline does not mean there will not be underlying costs. 

Even though the cost may not be monetary at the time, you may lose out on quality. Typically, when a free subdomain is used, there are advertisements that site visitors will see. While advertisements can be seen as a nuisance, they cause a page to load and react slower. While a cheap website is a goal, cutting costs in this area may drive visitors away.

You get what you pay for – What is a Cheap Website.

In life, you get what you pay for. The same can be said for cheap websites. There are affordable websites, and then there are cheap websites. Cheap websites will mean giving you precisely what you paid for, a CHEAP WEBSITE. However, you can cut some costs by not having a designer. One can miss out on benefits offered to users willing to pay more for their services. It may make one wonder what these benefits may be.

As has been said, “time is money.” One of the services that can drive up costs is time. Even if a website isn’t being coded from the ground up, learning about design, written and digital content, and maintenance can still take a lot of time. A good strategy may depend on the profession or the point of view a user is trying to share. A designer will learn about the client or business they are working for. A good designer knows that no one design is a good fit for all.

Save with templates

Many online templates can be used to design a cheap website. Depending on the user’s knowledge, a quick copy and paste of code can be used. After, links to information, photos, and other data can be inserted. Sites created using publishers or templates can come off looking cheap.

Many variations may not be available, leaving many sites looking the same. Some find that publishing sites can be a bit overwhelming to use. Some coding knowledge is needed to get a site up and running. This can lead to error, which may not necessarily be recommended depending on the person. The wrong codes can lead to links or pages that do not work. A website that does not have working links can be frustrating to visitors. Different pricing options may include additional services or benefits.

The ease of website builders is a Cheap Website Option.

Another option for creating a cheap website is to use a website builder. Website builders have become more and more popular over the years. Anyone who knows how to use a computer can use a website builder. There are multiple website builders available from different providers. Just like other services, prices may vary. Many website builders’ benefit is that users need no coding knowledge to use these tools. 

Many have drag-and-drop features that allow users to add photos and videos to their websites easily. Adding text is as simple as clicking a button and typing or copying and pasting. There may also be drag-and-drop features that allow users to add different widgets to their sites. Some website builders offer slight variation and limit creativity, while others provide personalized customizations.

Is bundling better and results in cheap websites?

Bundling services are a great way to get a cheap website. Bundling is the process of buying multiple services from one provider. Buying and transferring services from different providers can become costly and timely. Many providers offer a “one-stop-shop.”  Their services may include hosting, domain name, multiple site pages, security options, and a website builder. Getting all these services from one provider is cheaper than using different providers.

Providers are willing to offer discounts to those ready to bundle services. Of course, there is no guarantee that bundling will achieve lower pricing. Sometimes the low pricing of bundling is part of a temporary promotion. Once the promotion timing has ended, clients may have to pay a lot more than they did when they started. Looking into the terms and conditions before committing is recommended.

Read Carefully before signing on the line for a cheap website.

Signing up for a contract with a service provider can help you obtain a cheap website. Some providers will offer discounts on top of their bundle pricing in exchange for a contract agreement. You would think that this would be the best option. Sadly, this is not always true. Contracts can last anywhere from months to years.

The terms of an agreement may seem like a perfect fit at first. Many have found that some of these contracts are too good to be true. Clients who don’t like the services or options their provider offers could pay a fee to get out of the contract. The cost of leaving an agreement could be greater than the price the client initially paid to join. As mentioned previously, it is good practice to do some research. Ensuring a provider offers all the benefits before signing a contract will prevent future outrage.

Hidden Gems worth savings

There are, of course, other ways to achieve a cheap website. Service providers may not list all of the available discounts on their sites. Service providers can increase profits by keeping higher discounted promotions from their leading place. A provider may partner with other companies to provide further discounts or promotions. These discounts can be found by searching online.

General search terms such as “web hosting discounts” or “web hosting promotions” can be used. More specific search terms, including a provider’s company name, can help narrow the search. Unfortunately, not all promotions or discounts found will be valid at use. Some promotions found may be expired or valid only under certain circumstances. Locating the proper promotion can be well worth the time it takes. Some promotions leave clients paying only a tiny percentage of the original price.

Take Away on Cheap Websites & SEO

A good design option for one client may not be suitable for another. An affordable website could be worth more than perceived but much better than a cheaper website option with time and effort. For example, hiring a professional web design company or person will ensure that the user interface is managed correctly. Also, hiring a professional will allow you to market your website for local SEO and custom design your website for smartphone devices.

At Visualwebz, we build websites that are custom designed and enable us to drive quality traffic! We ask you to check our customer reviews and see why our web design services stand out. Along with our reviews, we have also presented numerous SEO case studies that show how we can increase website ranking and help drive more traffic.

More details on Web Design

If you’re looking for website designwebsite development, a new website, or want to revamp an existing small business website, then you’ve come to the right place. Notably, at Visualwebz, we totally understand business owners and the website benefits your business needs. In addition, we understand that being a website owner. You will want to see immediate results. Furthermore, we can help your website reach an international, national or local customer base. Besides, we know how to get your customers to you. After all, small business websites and SEO have been our specialty since 2008!

Our website developers specialize in delivering the best websites and nothing more. More significantly, our qualifications and experience allow us to deliver clear and concise solutions. As a matter of fact, we will keep you in the loop during the whole web development process. Immediately after the launch of your website, we will work with you to improve your online presence. For example, our SEO specialists will help drive traffic to your website with this in mind. Visualwebz LLC is the ideal firm to hire for your next project. In fact, we will also take care of your web security – remember, you will need to secure your website from hackers. Similarly, other website design services offered include website maintenance, support, and website testing.

Additional resources that may be of interest include: Web Trends | Computer Science | Interested in chatting with us regarding SEO or web design? Or have questions regarding our expertise or web design costs? Then call us at 425.336.0069 – Contact us today. You may also want to check our reviews and conclude why our customers like us!


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