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SEO vs. PPC – A Beginner’s Guide to Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Optimization vs. Pay Per Click

You’ve spent the money on getting a new website, launched it, and now what? The next step is to get on board with digital marketing and, in particular, SEO. SEO and PPC play a massive role in what you see on Search Engine Results Pages (SERP), and this all depends on the keywords punched during the search process. After all, the search engine’s function is to organize and look for relevant content on the web, marketers want to be found on search results for specific content, and the users do what they do – browse and search the web for whatever they want to see.

Generally, we use a browser such as Google to search for content on the web. Google help get you thousands of results. One day, Google may reach over 63 000 searches every second, which converts to 2 trillion searches yearly, 3,800,000,000 searches every minute, and 228,000,000,000 every hour. That said, a viewer will most likely pick anything from the first two pages of the search results. If they don’t get what they are looking for, try a different keyword, hoping you get something relevant.

How Organic Results compare to PPC


For example, search for “Seattle website design small business” on Google. The results will bring the first four adverts, followed by listings known as organic (natural hierarchy determined by search engine algorithms) results and scrolling down. You will see an additional three PPC adverts.

Top and bottom SERP for the keyword “seattle website design small business.”

Organic SEO or PPC?

With PPC, you get an advertisement for your product and service to appear at the top of a search engine’s page, ahead of the organic listings, but each click will cost you and does not always mean it’s a direct sale.

Organic Search Engine Optimization is “free” and is one of the best SEO marketing strategies. But it takes time and patience to determine the content relevant to search engines and your potential customers. However, two things rule over the SEO vs. PPC battle; keywords and Return on Investment (ROI).

Organic SEO vs PPC

Organic SEO

Search engines try their best to ensure their users get relevant results, high value, and quality. In fact, search engines have algorithms that determine the hierarchy of sites depending on how relevant and user-friendly websites are; if the content is relevant, easy to read, and navigate, it will most likely appear on top.

Search engine optimization involves making changes to any website content and design to make it look excellent and legit for search engines and a chance to get it displayed ahead of millions of other results. Some key elements that help improve your page one ranking via organic SEO include:


Some Organic SEO Tips

  • Regularly refreshing your content will make your product or service more marketable. The most recent post usually appears at the top.
  • Create your content around keywords and phrases that a search engine user might type. The words should be related to your business or service.
  • Relevant content tends to be more engaging and compelling, so visitors will spend more time browsing and eventually making purchases or leaving feedback.
  • The benefits of Blogging are high on the list and could increase your website’s ranking. A content-heavy blog can get a browser to push your blog ahead.
  • Optimize your web page by ensuring the keywords you want to be found using the correct H1 tags. Images should halve alt attributes and Meta descriptions with your keywords in them. Optimizing your page makes keywords notable when a search engine crawls your website.


Pay-per-click is an advertisement that appears during search results but pays only when the viewer clicks. 

Two types of PPC adverts


  • Search network Pay per Click adverts

They depend on keywords that trigger the advertisement when users search for the keyword. A Search Network advert will show the H1 element, Landing page link, a description, and extensions.

  • Display Pay per Click advertisements

Display advert banners target potential customers who have viewed your site but left without purchasing anything. Say you visit a shoe website A and go to website B with a banner about website B you recently visited. The banner is a PPC type of advert. 

Keyword Research & Time

SEO and PPC are both influenced by keywords. If you want to put a product or service on the web, you need to look at it from a searcher’s perspective through keyword research – what consumers might type when looking for your product. Google AdWords keyword planner is the best way to get started.

Look up the ranking of your potential keyword for your product. If competition is high, many companies try to compete with those keywords. Whether organic SEO or PPC, it takes time, patience, and data analysis to stay ahead of the competition.

Take Away on SEO vs. PPC

SEO takes time; you have to do keyword research, optimize, write blogs, and do on-page and off-page SEO. Given time and patience, your site will start to rank higher. 

PPC takes money. If you have the budget for such a PPC campaign, your advert will show immediately; over time, refinement will appear at the top of the stack. Of course, the conversion rate should be considered regarding the return on investment.

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SEO vs. PPC Strategies for Small Businesses

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