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Website Cost

As a small business your probably wondering what would be the ideal website cost?

Website Costs will vary.

It is pretty much impossible to give a good starting point for the costs of designing a website. This is because it varies drastically depending on the kind of website you want to create.

What must be considered in the cost of a website

When designing a website, three main categories decide a website’s initial costs: design, functionality/development, and storage. Then, three main costs come into play later; the cost of space, the domain name, and web hosting. 

Website Cost in Seattle

Every business will need to have a budget for the initial costs is design. The company may need a custom solution to ensure the website’s functionality. The total website cost so far would bring it near $2000. The average price would be $1750, with a few stock images adding $150.


If we assume that the business has a writer? Writing should be relatively light. With the average wage for writers around $48,474 per year, dividing that by the number of weekdays in a year and the average workday, we get an hourly rate of $20 – $50 per hour. We can assume that it would take at least two days to get all of the basic writing done, meaning the cost to write the website’s content would be $350 and upwards. The business might then decide to put the writing through quality checks. The starting price to do this through an agency is $100 per page. Based on a 5-page website, the total cost of the website is now $2500 plus., but with proper cuts, this can be reduced.


The website’s functionality would vary depending on the type of business and the website needed. Of course, there may be additional costs if a website has issues that need to be corrected. For example, an integrated e-commerce solution with existing systems could run into thousands of dollars. But, if a standard CMS (Content Management system is used with the basics and little customization, then the cost could be minimized. 

The non-initial Website Cost of Development

Website costs could get carried over later, especially once they go live. These may include:

  1. Cost of space. Suppose we assume the business uses a dedicated server, where the basic 42U rack has a square footage of 28.92 feet. We can double that and think it takes up the total space since Seattle’s average annual rent per square foot is $43.40. We can then multiply the server’s square footage, 57.84 square feet, by the rent cost. This makes the property cost to run a server for a year around $2509.9, higher than most other cities would cost, which is also the total for the non-initial costs. Of course, rather than not having your server, you could use hosting companies where the hosting ranges from around $100 plus per year. The average for the nation is $ 1343.6232, almost half the cost.
  2. The non-initial cost is the domain name. We can assume that the business would use a new domain name, making the yearly cost around $12.50. The first year of running the website is now $2522.40.
  3. The following non-initial cost is web hosting. Suppose it has already been established that a dedicated server is being run. In that case, it costs around $1200 if we go by the average cost of electricity in America, ¢12 per kilowatt-hour, $662.3 a year. But in Seattle, electricity is around ¢0.6 cents less than the average, ¢11.4 per kilowatt-hour. The yearly cost of running a server in Seattle is $1166.8, and a non-initial total of $3722.4.

What is the total Website Cost?

We can now calculate by combining the non-initial and initial costs, making the total cost for the first year of a website running about $7198.79. It is a relatively high price tag but it isn’t all that high for a medium business. This would be a considerable investment for small businesses, and the best option will be to opt for a third party to do the work.

What about the possible cuts from earlier?

With many cuts, the total can be reduced to around $250 for the first year. That is, if you design the website on your own, do content writing, and rent a shared server instead of running a dedicated one.

Bringing down a Website Cost – Is the cost worth it?

It’s only worth having a dedicated server if your business generates the revenue to support the expense. An alternative would be to opt for third-party vendors. So the final website costs to a small business will range from around $2000.

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