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Web Design Tips 2023

Web Design Tips remind us to continue delivering the trendiest web designs possible.

A Perspective on Web Development & Web Design Tips

Web development for small businesses is all about creating useful and functional websites. Any qualified web designer or developer will have mastered the critical aspects of web designing and the science behind web design. Thus allowing them to be proficient in building and maintaining websites. Many features are involved in designing a website, including layout, graphic design, and website content. Each aspect is essential to the other as they determine how people will respond and generate conversions.

We’ve seen advancements in two significant areas that affect web design technology and creativity. Vibrant illustrations, bold website color schemes, asymmetrical layouts, and more innovative websites that allow subtle interactions are trends. Also, these two aspects dictate how people and companies design their websites.

Visualwebz LLC is a web design and SEO agency that provides high-end customer-oriented solutions. We help websites attract customers, close sales via conversions, deliver a clear-cut call to action, lower bounce rates, and the “WOW” factor. Our web solutions are based on gaining results. For example, successful SEO case studies present many of our projects.

Whether you hire a freelance Seattle web designer or an agency based in Toronto, Canada, the key thing to remember is that they can deliver the website your business should have to succeed.


When it comes to web design, another precise web design tip is simplicity and clarity. These are crucial, and minimalism helps achieve this. It makes for a better browsing experience when the elements and content on a website are few. This eliminates confusion.

The main goal of minimalism web design is to promote what is valued most and remove whatever distracts us. Hence, this core web design tip allows visitors to locate what they are looking for quickly. In other words, visitors to the website would not have to overthink and would be able to find what they are looking for more easily.


Web Design Tips Diversity

The term ‘World Wide’ on the web says it all. The web is accessed by people worldwide who are different in terms of gender, ethnicity, age, physical ability, and sexual orientation, to name a few. Web designers must acknowledge this uniqueness in individuals and incorporate this into their web designs.

A good example is how Apple introduced emojis representing different races on their phones a few years back.

Anything that would help a visitor identify your content and feel included goes a long way in helping you achieve your goal. This is a trend we expect to see. In the words of Mahatma Gandhi, “Our ability to reach unity in diversity will be the beauty and the test of our civilization.” Learn more about diversity in web design.

Evolution of Chatbots

ChatBox for web designAdvancements in machine learning will see chatbots evolve to be more intelligent, responsive, and natural, thereby getting the feeling one gets when one talk to a customer service representative online: The feeling you’re talking to a robot never comes to mind.

Sophisticated programming knowledge or highly specialized technical skills are not required to create a Chabot. This aspect is making them more common. For example, you can make a Chabot using Facebook messenger.


Another new web design trend is creating bright-colored chatbots and inviting the web user.

Fluid/Organic web designs elements

Another web design tip as a clear runner is to see a shift in the typical shapes that incorporate straight lines (circles, squares, rectangles, triangles) to more fluid structures. Fluid forms and lines are also organic shapes associated with human nature. This can be anything from the formation of ponds to the body of cut pieces of paper. Experimenting with such makes web designs more approachable.

Learn more at Fluid/Organic Website Designs.


Web Design Tips

Nostalgic / Retro design aesthetic

They say old is gold. Web designers can experiment with old designs and bring a nostalgic feeling to their work. Like any other trend, web design can borrow a design from the past that still seems relevant. This creates a cross between old and new techniques, which is very interesting. Not only that, everything would seem all new to the young people who haven’t seen these designs before. Web designers will embrace these time-passed creations and content to take us back in time, different from what we see on websites.

Overlapping design elements

Having items overlap on one’s website draws interest to specific content on a page. Overlapping design elements improve the aesthetics of a web page if done correctly. However, if not done well, it can confuse and frustrate users. Web designers will move away from the traditional designs where elements on a web page design have their own space and seem static. Overlapping web design elements is one of many professional web designers’ web design practices.

Monochromatic and absence of color

Simplicity is the best policy when it comes to designing websites. This year might see the use of one or no color in web designs. Many websites use multiple colors. But, by choosing to use one or none at all, one’s website might stand out and be memorable. That is if the web design is done well. With the ‘absence of color, ‘ designers may use black, white, or grey, which is seen as neutrals more than color in web design. These three colors can make powerful yet versatile designs that stand the test of time. Learn more.


Animations are a growing trend, and we will see a shift into a different dimension, such as micro-animations. The micro-animations enable your website to do specific actions when minor movements happen. They serve to direct the visitor to particular locations on the web page. Interactive web pages and micro-animations also enhance a website’s outlook and interaction with visitors, primarily when used with attractive backgrounds and pictures. Marketing via animation can help engagement and attraction not only on websites but also in other areas. For example, incorporating micro-animations in email marketing can make an email more attractive and engaging. Also, it can play a significant role in search engine marketing and user experience.

Captivating Typography

Visualwebz FrontThe right typography or fonts can be used as statement pieces. As web designers move away from the traditional Arial, Times New Roman, and Calibri fonts, they experiment with the vintage charm of custom hand lettering to the exposed messiness of bold strokes and the graceful arc of the alphabet in a script.

These ensure that the visitor is enchanted visually and that the web page stands out from the rest. We will see font-pairing become a thing because some fonts go well together. For example, Belinda, Libre Baskerville, and Brandon Grotesque are beautiful combinations. The trick is to keep it simple, consistent, and hierarchical. For example, the font used for headings should remain the same for all titles, and whichever is used for the paragraphs should remain consistent for all sections on the web page. This avoids any confusion that may arise when one visits the webpage.

Rounded corners and soft lines

Even the slightest shift in how your website is designed can affect how visitors view your brand. We are moving away from the sharp edges and embracing rounded corners and more natural lines. Therefore, rounded corners make for an easier and more comfortable look than sharp and rigid corners. Also, with rounded corners, visitors can be easily attracted and wish to know more about your brand. Contouring tools are used to make various shapes. Read more about Rounded Corners.


Split-screen allows content to divide into two sides of a page. It is an emerging trend that will continue to grow as web designers use it to enhance the face of websites. Split-screen is sort of a relief for those who are confused. Especially when content is on top of each other, fashion photographers and culinary artists should try this.

Video headers

Having videos on your website is no longer seen as Web Design Tips or a trend but rather as a standard. Most websites have videos on them because it helps consumers quickly understand the content. It creates a great browsing experience and favors one’s digital marketing strategy.

To use video headers, web designers can either go full screen or strip video displays to ensure that the video doesn’t hurt the loading time. A web designers should ensure they use small-sized short videos that run less than 10 seconds. Also, with 5G coming rolling out, the speed and size of videos will become less of an issue on mobile devices.

Animated GIFs

Animated GIFs can be used to convey complex information within a short period. Since most websites have a small attention span, animated Gifs can be a designer’s best friend. They are exciting and quick enough to capture the web visitor’s attention. In addition, they work on most browsers and, therefore, are easily accessible to a broader audience.

First animated GifToday, GIFs have become the latest online phenomenon. It was created in the 1980s, and it’s been over 30 years since the first-ever gif was made, which was an airplane. Usually, a two to three-second video is constantly repeated. These brief animations have been increasingly used to express emotions instead of words. For example, rather than sending a text to a friend saying, “how are you?” a person would much instead send a gif that expresses that question.

With the rise of smartphones, animated gifs have become increasingly accessible to people when they communicate. Many apps, such as Giphy, can be incorporated into a person’s text keyboard and easily use animated gifs in a conversation. In addition, many social media sites and apps have added animated gifs to their platforms. Twitter is an excellent example of this. Instead of sending a tweet with text, a person can now add a gif. Click here to learn more about GIFS.

LARGE Attention-Grabbing Titles

This one is the closing deal of all the web design tips. Besides increasing website traffic, it’s essential to retain visitors. For example, most people don’t want to spend much time on a website. As a result, websites with large-font titles always capture visitors’ attention. Without a doubt, every web page should have attention-grabbing titles! These titles should be bolded and supported by a short message and CTA (Call to Action).

Non-Traditional Scrolling

To create a unique user experience, website designers use different scrolling techniques. For example, as opposed to traditional vertical scrolling, websites in 2023 will be scrolling horizontally.

Social Media

There is an influx of feeds dotted on web pages at once, but these are becoming softer and less prominent nowadays. For example, social media icons are being placed for the convenience of visitors. However, feeds are a convenient way to populate web pages and inform customers. Also, with some social platforms disappearing, such as Google Plus and others not attracting new subscribers, they are all questions if they should be included as a compelling online marketing mix.

Final Thoughts on Web Design Tips

Web development and web design tips are only guidelines. As trends come and go, web design agencies should not just pick up a direction for the sake of it. You should be able to filter through trends and choose those that align with the company’s brand or what the company stands for. Thus, resulting in customer attraction and the right traffic to your website. Also, the web design type is built based on the designer/developer. For example, do they lean towards a creative or analytical side (left or right brain), or possibly have an insight into both?


“Be adventurous – You can either follow trends or create one and let others follow you!”


As technologies, services, and practices disappear and reappear in different forms, so do web design tips. As fashion changes, so do web design trends that come and repeat, as with web design history, where some trends have come back, and others were just hype. For example, gif animation was ruled out at once but now has a subtle and growing comeback.

With smart homes and other technologies being part of our everyday lives, new web features will only continue to drive the effectiveness of accessing information.

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