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Online Marketing gets the phone ringing.

Online marketing is the perfect solution for small businesses looking to attract customers.

With solid online and search engine marketing, your business will see sales pick up and your phone ring. So what next? To continue your business growth would mean continual online marketing. Of course, it’s like saying the car is running fine, and let’s not put more gas into it! SEO and social media must be the minimum or more significant investment of your regular marketing budget. Proper online marketing will maintain your online stance and allow you to expand further. But, having no online exposure would mean your website will stutter or even stop your business growth. Don’t be that business owner in an “only if” mindset.

What Is Online Marketing?

Online marketing is how a business or person markets, advertises, and promotes itself online. According to an article by Internet World Stats, over 60% of the world’s population can be considered internet users. It’s a very powerful tool.

Get the phone ringing.

Once the sales have picked up, and the phone is ringing 24/7, what next? To continue your business growth would mean continual online marketing. Of course, it’s like saying the car is running fine, and let’s not put more gas into it! Proper online marketing will maintain your online stance and allow you to expand further. But, having no online exposure would mean your website will stutter or even stop your business growth. SEO and social media must be part of your regular marketing budget, the minimum or more significant investment. Don’t be that business owner that would be in a mindset of “only if.”

Investing in Online Marketing services for small businesses

You’re in total control, and making that wise choice to solve online exposure would be investing in online marketing. Let us help your website bounce back into life. We have several packages to train you to take the necessary steps to be actively engaged online and ensure your website does not sit there idle.

On the other side of the spectrum, we have SEO and Social Media packages for those who may not have the time commitment or technical expertise in these areas. Whether you’re looking for a new website, redesigning an existing website, SEO, or social media services, we can help!

As technology morphs, we adapt and stay in line with such changes.

Contact us today for a free consultation, and let us help your business gain the momentum it deserves. Check out the various SEO pricing plans available.

Online Marketing and its necessity

Online Marketing, including SEO and Social Media, is necessary for any small business looking to get an online presence. Hence, such strategies will result in any website climbing the search page ranks! Of course, “online marketing” alone will not provide the required outcome, but you see results when coupled with good quality content and a fully optimized website! Google has many factors that need to be considered for its ranking algorithm.

Impact of SEO & Online Marketing

Besides the impacts of SEO and Social Media, there are questions you should ask yourself before jumping on the train and getting your website designed and developed. You should ask yourself, do you have any problems with your existing website? Is your business impacted without a website? Of course, you will most likely state a lack of traffic, sales conversions, product exposure, etc.

Many factors may be specifically related to these issues. Besides your competition ramping up their advertising and online marketing budget, they may lack some areas you could tap into. More particularly, there could be problems your website may be experiencing. After all, it could be a better product, improved customer service, or a clear and intuitive website. Thus a website that’s easy for your clients to navigate and place orders should be a priority. Essentially, it’s just a matter of identifying what would make your business stand out.

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Online Marketing Is Not A Quick Fix

Following this will come to the SEO marketing portion. This is not a quick fix and will not immediately get you the vast sales breakthrough. After all, it takes time, just like your business took time to get to where it is today. Hence it will take time to build that online brand and exposure. Of course, effective digital marketing and social media marketing, coupled with numerous other factors, will allow your business to reach its goal.

Of course, the type of plan will depend on your budget and the outcome you would like from your investment. Call us today for a free consultation or complete the submission form so that we can better understand how best to assist your needs. If you’re not ready for the monthly investment, we also have a one-time fee to optimize your site to be well-placed with your competition.

Our Online Marketing services:


Online Marketing Services for Small Businesses

Social Media Marketing

Social media and networking marketing can be free advertising at the most basic level. This is huge now and intertwines with network marketing. Some of the sites used are Instagram, Facebook, and even include Linked In. The sites listed are primarily utilized for self-promotion; however, both Instagram and Facebook allow businesses to advertise themselves. Social media platforms enable people to be themselves and get paid for it.

Email Marketing

Another form of online marketing. Email marketing is when someone receives advertisements or promotions via email. This is almost the equivalent of getting a flier to your home address in the 1990s. People can advertise their businesses and services to millions with just the click of a mouse. When you receive sales notices via email from your favorite store, know that online marketing is a form of online marketing. A company can gather its list of customer emails, or lists can be purchased from other companies or found online.


Organic SEO

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short, is the best option to stay ranked above the competition. SEO is for those who want the highest search engine rankings. For example, higher rankings mean that certain listings are shown first when a user searches for a topic. A note to make is to gain organic traffic. You must be on the first page and, ideally, at the top! After all, people don’t want to search too hard. Search Engine Optimization is done correctly, and a transparent SEO and marketing strategy will reap the rewards.

More on Online Marketing

The digital marketing company for Seattle businesses

Online Marketing is significant and growing exponentially. Advertising campaigns are about reaching viewers. We can get vast numbers of viewers. The viewers can be buyers or people you want to influence. The advertisement can appeal to many users by dynamically changing the style and translating the content. It is broadcast to many media types, like phones, tablets, TV, kiosks, and appliance screens. It can be integrated into other media, like TV banners and social media.

The ads get your attention by adding moving images, sounds, and bright colors. This new wave of advertising uses the same tactics as original paper ads. They use complex algorithms, psychology, and new techniques to develop targeted ads. By targeting groups, the ads can appeal directly to the desired group without the risk of being offensive. For example, when an ad is presented to Republicans, the ad can be Conservative. The same content can be programmatically changed to be more Liberal for Democratic viewers. Online Advertising uses every way possible to catch the reader’s eye and make them want to go to their business.

Display Ads

Each type of online advertisement and Online Marketing has its characteristics. Display ads are some of the most shared ads on the web. They comprise banners, algorithm-generated text, flash, video, and pop-up ads. These are often used because they are simple, affordable, easy to create, versatile, and highly effective.

Search Engine Online Marketing

Advertising is most effective if it can reach more viewers—one of the most dependable ways to increase viewers is to use Search Engine Marketing (SEM). SEM uses keywords and the best SEM practices to boost your website to the Top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Indexers crawl the web and rate/index your site. Well-maintained sites with keywords increase your Search Rating. Using SEM guidelines and best practices, building a good site is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Social Media Advertisements and Online Marketing

Social Media is a complex but very effective method of Online Advertisement. It is effective on many levels, ads, product placement, “likes,” social trends, “engineered news,” and articles. We are all familiar with these ads. The thirty-second non-skippable ads on “Try this new ground-breaking app. It will improve your life.” Social media ads are not limited to only this type. It could also be a banner ad or a simple image that attracts viewers over other things on the page. Also, ads are organic, which creates loyalty and allows for feedback. They can also be paid advertisements promoting posts that target specific viewers.

Advertisers also use Big Data and trends to place products in articles. They can influence users to “like” and talk about their products.

Native Advertising

A subtle form of Online Advertising is native advertising. Native advertising seamlessly integrates into other media, like “Trusted Media.” For example, movies and blogs to social media posts. It does these using search ads, recommendation widgets, and promoted listings. The ad can be enabled and posted through networks like Adblade and Outbrain. Due to this seamless nature, the user’s brain will subconsciously remember the message.

This is a little insidious because viewers can subconsciously accept the message as valid. Sometimes the viewers may retransmit the ad with a “re-tweet, ” “Like” or reference. This increases the effectiveness of the ad.

Email Marketing

Marketing via email approaches has gradually replaced a traditional method of advertising. Email marketing offers a way to get to customers conveniently with helpful content. With this approach, businesses can check if customers instantly open the email. Moreover, they can have an idea of what content customers have the most interest in. This way, they can improve or eliminate a specific range of materials.

Email marketing is when an advertiser sends out mass emails. They send them to any email account they can get their hands on. Advertisers get them by posting a newsletter or quiz, which requires you to register using your email.

Video Ads

Video ads are inserted into other popular media, like YouTube and News sites. This is effective because the user is coming to this site specifically for this Media. The ad often has a timer that gets your attention. While you are watching the timer, you are listening to the message.


This occurs when a user sifts through the web and comes upon a website they like. The website drops cookies to encourage users to look at other websites where the initial ads appear. Also, the ad may appear differently, but the ad is effective because of repetition.

The Growth of Online Marketing

Online Marketing is growing exponentially. Fast computers, Global Networks, Big Data, and Psychology are the building blocks for rapidly improving tools. We can advertise to many people in several cultures and geographical regions simultaneously. It is an illusion when we apply styling to make our ad appeal to a single group of readers. A different styling to the same content may appeal to another group.

The Internet has changed the business model for content. We used to buy newspapers or pay for content. The content is free to use, but the message is paid for by advertising and information about you. The content providers are designing their content to grab readers. Using data collected on you and trends, they can target each viewer. The layout and advertisements are configured for individual viewers. And sometimes, the truth and good information are found to be secondary.

The site usually asks users to register to improve their experience. Meanwhile, they use this information to collect information on our viewing patterns. This data is sold and traded as a digital currency. Companies know they can use this data to increase the effectiveness of their ads.

Google and many other large companies are indexing what we are viewing. They are using the data to build and improve their data models continuously. These data models describe and predict how we consume data. It helps them build and customize content that will interest us and persuade us to do something. This may encourage us to purchase, vote a certain way, or change our views.

How do they appeal to different groups?

The global market is an extensive network of computers. It is so vast that online advertisers can appeal to everyone. They are using your computer to do some of the work. They do this by categorizing the readers by browsing habits. This allows them to produce dynamic content that appeals to each user category. The content is placed on websites that serve those readers. Websites are then advertised within the circle, which appeals to that viewer category. A data source can be simultaneously sold to several types of users. They apply different filters, styling, and tones to do this and use them in other locales.

We want to cover all our English-speaking nations and a few other languages and create tones for men and women. We might want to apply an interpreter to the content to convert it into Chinese. Then apply Top to the Bottom, Left to Right Chinese styling to the range to appeal to the Chinese. We just expanded our reach tenfold without having to create new content.

How do we survive with Online Marketing?

It may boil down to money, but our success is measured in hits, clicks, and views before it does. We can’t do it alone. We get noticed by building good web pages that indexers will discover. Viewers find sites through third-party programs like search engines, social media, and games. Some of these are free, and some are paid. Companies often pay for higher hit counts or product placement. Sometimes they will flat-out pay for ratings. Other times they will bid for spots on other web pages.

Strategies for Online Web Marketing Services

The number of people actively accessing the Internet has increased to over 3 billion worldwide. Therefore, there is a vast digital consumption market for businesses that want to communicate with their prospects.

However, a business needs a strategy for the digital marketplace. A digital marketing strategy will help companies make informed decisions and ensure efforts are relevant to their core value. It is crucial that setting up a system is the first step every business needs to take before anything else.

Generally, there are many steps needed for effective online marketing, these being:

  • Situation analysis. By this step, there is a chance that every business can review its environmental and SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Target).
  • Digital strategic planning should be taken into place. This is a step in determining how they want to position themselves in a market segment. There would be particular demand and supply within a specific part that fits that type of business.
  • Any strategy needs objectives, which means identifying general goals flowing from digital business strategy.
  • When the goals are set, it is time to identify revenue streams distributed differently through communication and relationship management.
  • The implementation plan is crucial regarding forecast revenues and cost evaluations.
  • The last step would be the evaluation plan, where there is a need to identify appropriate performance metrics.

Final Notes on Online Marketing

Advertising has come a long way and grown exponentially, but the fundamentals remain unchanged. The name of the game is to reach more viewers and influence them. It could be to change an opinion or affect a sale. The new measurement method includes hits, clicks, “likes,” and views. The growth is mainly through exploiting new markets, media, platforms, and strategies. This is facilitated by faster computers, AI, more extensive networks, Big Data, and complex psychological analysis and algorithms. We are excited to be part of this revolution.

Our digital marketing agency in Seattle offers a diverse set of web solutions. Also, our small business marketing Seattle solutions and web design services are the perfect choice for any small business looking to get to the next level.

Just in case you are wondering about our small business marketing consultant fees? We are very competitive and affordable! Contact us if you’re looking for any online Marketing or WordPress Development.

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