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Website Project

Website Project should include the following :

Now that you have made the deposit payment and are ready to start your website project. Our web developers and designers will need additional information to get the ball rolling. Following is a list of web-related questions you will need to answer and submit via email. You can also download these documents and submit them as an MS Word attachment by emailing us at

Following are some links to where you could get images from:

  4. *
  5. *

You can also go to and type “Stock Photo’s”. * Terms and use of “royalty-free images” should be read carefully prior to use.

  • What is the official name of your website (Domain Name)?
  • Do you have a website currently? (please provide a URL)
  • Where will your site be hosted?
  • Is a business logo available? Do you need a new logo?
  • Are there any color preferences?
  • Do you like how any other business websites look or function like (Any Reference Website)?
  • Have you thought about the purpose of your website?
  • What services or products will you offer?
  • What will your main links/sections be?
  • Who will be creating the website content?
  • Will you need to incorporate drop-down menus? What about a responsive layout?
  • Do you have a vision statement or a tagline you want to include?
  • What elements do you think you may want on your home page?
  • Are there websites that you think of as “the competition” (i.e., provide similar products/services)?
  • Do you need any unique functionality? Such as e-commerce?
  • Will SEO be part of the project?
  • Do you have any SEO case studies or examples?
  • Will you need specific landing pages?
  • Will social media be integrated into the website?
  • Do you offer content marketing?



Functionalities generally determine website costs:

  • Functionalities you may need:
  • Calendar
  • Upcoming Events
  • Featured Property
  • Link List
  • Search
  • Random Testimonial Module
  • Featured Multimedia Module
  • Latest Media Module
  • Linkable Image Modules
  • Blog Excerpt
  • News Excerpt
  • Account Sign-in Module
  • Location Module
  • Online Marketing – i.e., PPC and SEO
  • Unique content creation
  • Local SEO services

Website Project & the Importance of Web Design

Web design is essential in this modern age. Websites are the most important things that help keep the internet organized and working for users. Web design is the whole base of the internet because we are constantly browsing different websites with different web designs.

The Impact of Web Design on Businesses

A website can be the first impression to new customers and ultimately decide whether they will continue shopping from you. With a messy and unorganized webpage, customers are less likely to shop from you because of the inability to navigate the website. It’s essential to address the color scheme for the website and create a consistent theme throughout the website for the importance of aesthetics. If a website is hard to look at, it is more likely that customers will use it less. You want to build something that people will constantly return to review products and continue ordering from your company.

Creating an identity online is essential because, as a seller, you get to know yourself as a company owner and as a seller to your audience. With a good reputation and website, you will most likely receive better customer reviews, which will help you grow as a company. If you are known for something negative, that can also reflect your company, ultimately stopping sales. You can also use a website to connect with your audience and add things to your shop that your customers might enjoy. Or you are adding something to the website to make it more inclusive and easier to navigate. Ultimately, web development is vital to both customers and sellers.

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