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E-commerce platform

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What is an E-commerce platform?

The E-commerce web design platform(s) that one would opt for would be decided on factors such as functionality, reliability, usage, and cost. When it comes to an e-commerce platform, they are either hosted by the company or can self-host the online store.


Shopify is one of the leading e-commerce platforms in a hosted program. The reason why Shopify easily outshines the competition is due to implementing add-on apps. Just like your smartphone. Shopify has many apps you can download or even install on your store. Ultimately, these apps can vary in what they do and usually introduce more functions to the store. Their entire app process is way more advanced than the competition, making more consumers interested in their Shopify.

SEO & Social Media Marketing

Other essential feature is good social media, digital marketing, and SEO. For example, helping drive traffic through social media and SEO is paramount for any online store. This is the most important because your online store wouldn’t be visible on search engines.


Another e-commerce platform is Woocommerce, a plugin that sits on top of a WordPress site. A viable solution for many online shoppers! It has numerous options, such as shipping calculators and subscription models.

Big Commerce

Big commerce has many features that may be similar to Shopify. You can set up your store on Facebook and sell the products from their direction. The store from Facebook is fully synchronized with Big Commerce. Facebook isn’t the only place you can set up your store. You could set them up on eBay, Google Shopping, and many other sites. Even though Big-commerce already provides you with many comprehensive tools for your store. In particular, you can also obtain additional apps to make the experience and store more complex and functional.

Big Commerce Apps

You don’t have to be a computer genius to use Big-commerce because it is user-friendly and guides you through the process. You can switch your store to the mobile theme so consumers can buy from their phones, tablets, or any other mobile device.


While Shopify and Big commerce are at the top for web developers, the third-best e-commerce platform used in 2017 would be  Volusion. The themes that Volusion makes range from $50-$800. Volusion has about 360 themes; 277 are paid for, while the rest are free. They also have a ticket system. Volusion has a unique feature when it comes to customer service. You can live chat. Being able to live chat can result in immediate results.


Out of all of the other e-commerce, WIX is the cheapest. In particular, the cons of this platform are the lack of customization. Since WIX is another hosted e-commerce, speed does matter since it’s on their server. “Professionals at Wix are in charge of making sure your site stays fast.”


There are many e-commerce platforms to choose from. Choosing the right e-commerce platform would depend on the web developer and the web development process. Shopify gives excellent perks, and the standard pricing is excellent. WooCommerce would probably be the most accessible plugin on an existing WordPress platform. Big Commerce is my second pick since it showed a feature I had not seen on Shopify. Volusion is my fourth since and finally, WIX.


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