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E-Commerce Website Design

E-Commerce website design allows electronic commerce to take place. It is simply any business or commercial transaction involving transferring information through the Internet. It mainly revolves around buying and selling physical and digital products (i.e., memberships, digital media such as eBooks).

Professional E-Commerce Website Design

An E-Commerce website design is a norm for businesses that want to conduct online transactions. Many small business websites will no doubt need websites developed on e-commerce platforms. There are numerous website solutions when setting up shopping carts and E-Commerce websites. Having a payment system that fits a business’s needs can be a challenge, but rest assured. We fully understand how it will work with your overall plans. PayPal, Stripe, and are a few of the many transaction gateways available.

Customized E-Commerce Solutions

Our mission is to pick the right website colors and web design technology for your website. Our expertise in e-commerce web design allows us to deliver customized e-commerce solutions for all types of businesses. Besides providing e-commerce websites, we specialize in digital marketing services and SEO.

At Visualwebz LLC, we have the expertise and understanding of such web technologies. If you have a simple HTML website looking to expand or revamp your existing e-commerce website, we can help! The benefits incurred by updating a small business website can be huge. Consequently, the number of visitors to your website on mobile devices will increase. Hence, we ensure all websites are responsive and render correctly on multiple platforms. Furthermore, we maintain and update an existing website, be it a simple update or issues with responsive websites not appearing correctly on web browsers. In short, we will work from selecting the best web hosting package to e-commerce development, website testing, deployment, and maintenance.

Attracting Customers to E-Commerce Websites

In addition to designing and producing an e-commerce website, our e-commerce website developers can also help attract customers. Our state-of-the-art strategies in online marketing enable traffic to be funneled to websites. Organic SEO allows business websites to be ranked higher.

eCommerce Website Designs include:

With many payment methods available, here are some critical factors between PayPal and; remember, e-Commerce websites have many options, from integration to shipping. For example, there are many factors to consider, the platform, payment gateway, and customer base. Also, for some businesses, WordPress may be the ideal option and Shopify, or Drupal, to name a few.

PayPal: Third-Party Processor AccountWebsite Payment

  • PayPal is fairly easy to use for both clients and vendors. With a quick set-up, you can have a PayPal link to either your credit or debit card or directly to your bank account.
  • Website payment and integration can be simple or complex, depending on the type of website being built. An interactive website with many features will require more customization than a standard website.
  • This gateway is trustworthy and secure and recognized by most customers purchasing via any website. Also, many major retailers, including eBay, use this gateway to transfer funds between users.
  • PayPal has the option of being integrated into any website so that customers are not driven away from your website when processing payment and will stay on your website.
  • The monthly fee for third-party processors is about $30. While there’s no setup fee, there is a $0.30 transaction fee. There is also a low percentage of surcharge on payments.

Stripe is another payment gateway to look into. Merchant Account

  • allows you to accept credit cards as well as electronic check orders.
  • AuthorizeNet does not drive clients away from your site when they’re processing a payment – they will stay within your site.
  • With, you have more control over the account and can handle a higher volume of sales.
  • This gateway, like any other, has a monthly fee of $42.95 – $57.95 for a merchant account, with a $99 one-time setup fee. There’s also a $0.35 transaction fee.

e-Commerce / Shopping Carts

  • WooCommerce: – A WordPress plugin that integrates well with PayPal and the likes of Quick Books. Learn more about Seattle WordPress Website Design. We specialize in WordPress and WooCommerce integration.
  • iTheme Exchange: – Another WordPress plugin for selling products on a WordPress-based website.
  • Shopify: – Secure Shopping Cart System with a PayPal integration. Shopify does require services, including web hosting from Shopify.
  • Volusion:– All in one shopping cart system.

It can be overwhelming when deciding on the right e-commerce website solution for your business. If this is the case, we have put together some resources you may want to read at web design 101.

Professional e-Commerce website designs for all businesses

Now that you know the distinct benefits of each payment method, you can decide which plan would be best for your business! If you are still unsure, you can contact Visualwebz or call us. Ultimately, we will work with you and help you pick the best e-commerce website solution. We have the experience and understanding of catering to specific e-commerce platforms for many industries. We firmly believe that we have mastered the science behind web design and understand the development of e-commerce websites and search engine optimization for such platforms.

Benefits of e-commerce website designs

An e-commerce site can help companies save on business costs, such as Seattle’s super-enterprise Amazon. If Amazon doesn’t have e-commerce services, then Amazon can’t be the largest e-commerce platform in the US because Amazon can use the Internet. Key benefits include:

  1. E-commerce websites save the cost of commercial communications and non-physical transactions.
  2. Greatly improved business efficiency, broad geographical scope, but the same trading rules
  3. An e-commerce website is conducive to the macro-control of the economy, the regulation of the middle, and the micro-adjustment, which the government can use, the market, and the enterprise, even individuals can contact.
  4. It can also promote the development of new businesses and create employment opportunities.
  5. Protect the environment and reduce environmental pollution.

Web Design & SEO Services for Small Businesses

At Visualwebz, we provide a range of WordPress (WP) web design, website development, and web marketing services to a diverse group of small businesses. Be it a WordPress website design for a large company, SEO for a startup, or an e-commerce website for a brick-and-mortar small business, we will deliver it. Our web developers have a strong understanding of small businesses. Furthermore, we encourage you to read Visualwebz reviews and see why our customers are happy with our work and outcomes.


Healthcare Web Design Services

We offer a range of medical web design services for the healthcare industry. Our medical website solutions branch out to all areas of the healthcare field. Dental web designers' effective dental web design services serve Dentists, Dental Clinics, specialized  Dental Practices, Orthodontists, Dentistry, and Dental Practices. For example, Bothell Dental Care is one client for whom we have helped the site gain an online presence.

Hire the best medical website developers for your healthcare website, dentist, or walk-in clinic. We don't end there with our website services but branch to other healthcare services like Doctors, specialist Doctors, Medical Services, Psychologists, Plastic Surgeries, ChiropractorsPsychiatristsVeterinary practices, and other healthcare-related practices. Connect with one of our web designers today.



Services Sector

Professional web solutions for the services sector

Our website builder and SEO services assist all types of businesses. Some of which include:


Web Design & SEO for Professionals





Web services for other industries

Website design services that benefit nonprofits, such as religious centers and churches, have always been part of our portfolio. For example, we manage the local Seattle Christianity website. Another example is redesigning a Seattle-based nonprofit, website. Other nonprofits we are working with include

We give back!

As part of giving back, we help nonprofits. We don't profit from any nonprofit website design or SEO services provided to nonprofits. If you have a great cause you are working for, let us help your nonprofit. We may even do it for free! Be it in Federal Way, Bellevue, or New York. We can help you get results. We can fix a broken website and get your charitable cause or church back on track.

Regarding web design and online marketing, we serve other industries such as Home Owner's Associations websites, Government Agencies, and political parties.

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