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Seattle Website Developer and Online Marketer since 2008.

"A Web Design company with talent, responsiveness, professionalism, and CARING!"

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Website Developer in Seattle

Seattle Web Developer at Visualwebz handles web development for a range of businesses. Our team is backed by web developers as well as digital marketers. A “Web Developer” is generally considered a programmer specializing in developing websites, whereas digital marketers handle the SEO and help market the website. Overall our Seattle Web Developers and marketers also cross paths. Meaning they can do both the development and marketing of your website.

Website Developers backed by education & experience.

Just a note, amateur Seattle web developers don’t have formal education/training and hence deliver unprofessional websites. But at Visualwebz, we have educational credentials backed by experience, thus building sites correctly. We’re proficient and knowledgeable in multiple programming languages and have an extensive breadth of up-to-date technological expertise. Also, at Visualwebz, we have formal training and skills in various web development technologies.

At Visualwebz, we ensure that we have the education backed by experience and the right website developer tools to deliver the best possible solutions. Also, we keep current on the practices and standards used by the top websites! Hiring someone who just learned in their spare time compared to web developers certified in their field will reap different results.

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Seattle Website Developer Services

WordPress Development

WP is one of the most widespread platforms in use. Quick and precise, it makes an excellent choice for a first website. Once your website is complete, you can make changes as needed. The setup is intuitive, so even those unfamiliar with web design can use it. Updating your website shouldn’t be stressful. Taking advantage of WordPress’s format makes the process more streamlined for you. Are you worried that your website won’t look professional? WordPress is still a very commonly used site format. Your website will still look modern and professional with a massive library of design options. While fewer features may be available, this is still a great option. Small businesses won’t need to incorporate as many features, so a more straightforward approach is better.


Another service that may be useful to a newly formed small business is copywriting. While the visual appearance of your site is significant, it is only one aspect. When clients visit your website, they want to learn more about your company. The information or content needs to be well written to be effective. Copywriting takes care of that. Writers can take your ideas and create content that matches your company. Solid, persuasive writing will also work to increase your company’s appeal. This makes the process even more streamlined for you.

When considering a professional SEO expert, it’s always important to ask them if they know the changing environment and SEO trends. Speak with us, and let us tell you what we know and how we can help your website rank better.

Multi-platform Design

Mobile devices and tablets are now more widespread than ever. When creating a design for your website, it is also essential to keep these devices in mind. A vital part of small business web design is functionality. It would help if you aimed for a consistent user experience regardless of the platform. Many users will look at your content from more than one device, which is vital to keep in mind. Some may discover your business on their phone and do more research on their desktop later. Others might read about your company, then look up other information on the go. Users may find a poorly designed or inconsistent site off-putting. Creating components for multiple platforms will iron out the issue of losing customers. Hence the presentation of your website is essential.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Once the design is locked down, it’s time to put your website online. Our Seattle website developer will work with you on the steps to drive traffic and get potential clients to your website. After all, when a small business starts, many people may be unaware of its existence. Search engine optimization helps your company appear when searched online. Content is embedded with terms that people are likely to search for. This increases the chances of someone having your website appear in their search results. With Google searches being more prevalent than ever, this process is vital to your company’s success. Now, more searches are being performed on mobile than on any other platform. For search engine optimization to work well, quality content is a must. More importantly, it always makes sense to hire a certified SEO expert.

Custom Website Development

Custom Website Development is a method where customization is the key. As technology constantly advances, it is easier for people to create and manage their web pages. There are two main areas that we cover: these being Front-End Custom Development and Back-End Custom Programming.

The main benefit of custom development is that websites are created from scratch, fully optimized, and designed to customers’ specifications. Though a more expensive process, this solution has a higher ROI than cookie-cutter websites.



Website Developer vs. Web Designer

In the world we live in today, advertising through the internet is essential. Many small companies can make use of such advertisements to grow. Yet, people may ask what exactly is a website developer. There are plenty of misconceptions the general public has about web developers. People have a misconception to confuse Web Developers with Web Design/Designers. For example, terms that get mixed up. Significant differences do set each of them apart. 

Website developers

These programmers engage and specialize in the development of World Wide Web applications. Website developers work in many organizations, like here at Visualwebz LLC. These can include large or smaller companies. Developers work full-time for an organization or choose to work as independent consultants. As a website developer, one handles both server-side and front-end logic. For example, implementing visual elements that users see and use in the web application. This includes all the web services and backend functionalities that power the website.

Website designers

The term web design describes the front-end design of a website. Web design overlaps web engineering in the broad scope of web development. In particular, web designers have an awareness of usability and visitor experience. They are also expected to be up to date with the web accessibility guidelines—also, skills in the maintenance and production of websites. Different areas of web design include graphic web design: interface design, front-end development, and authoring. In addition, search engine optimization and online marketing may be part of the job.

A Local Seattle Web Developer


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The most compelling reason to hire Seattle Website Developer is to help small businesses drive traffic to their websites. We pride ourselves on not sacrificing or cutting corners in delivering the final product. Our value-added services are one of the best. Consequently, be it a new website or an established one, we will provide a quality service. Contact us, your local website developers.

Seattle Website Developer is available to take on new website design and development projects and existing websites. If you’re about to start a website project or maybe have questions? Then contact us at (425)-336-0069 or email us at Hiring a professional like a Seattle website developer for your web design and SEO needs is the right choice. Remember, with over two decades of experience, how could you go wrong! Seattle Website Developer can assist with a school, attorney, dentist, or other business.

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Not the Average Seattle Website Developer or Marketing

Your small business will succeed with our Seattle Website Developer and Online Marketing services. Be it a startup, elderly care, dentist, medical practice, an attorney with a law firm, day-care, investment firm, or hair salon. We can do it. Hire a local small business that will help your business grow. Our web design and SEO services are the best for companies. We back our word with over a decade of web design and online marketing experience. More importantly, check what our customers say about their experience during the web design and SEO process.

Seattle website developer & SEO for local Small Businesses

Seattle website developer & Professional Website Development

Whether you are an attorney with a law firmschool, dentist, or other small business looking for Seattle web developers or SEO experts, hire a local web developer for your web page design and online marketing services.

Web design is a significant business in this day and age. Billions of people use the internet daily, so the internet market
is necessary for business. The enormous amount of potential customers a company can attract through the internet is vast. Hence why online marketing and web design are so valuable. Seattle Website Developers provide the Best SEO and Web Services.

The number of people online creates a great business opportunity. That is where Seattle Website Developers come in with the best value. Every company is trying to appeal to customers via the internet. There is a great demand for experts or experience in the web development field. But with great need comes great competition. This is why there are many essential aspects of a web development business other than simply creating a website.

Things to Know When Starting a Business

When starting your small business, there are some key questions to consider.

  • Who is the business for, or who does it target?
  • What specific skills do you have and want to perform?
  • How to attract and keep customers?
  • What services does my business provide?
  • How do I form a team, or who do I partner with?
  • Why would I need to partner with your Seattle Website Developers like us?
  • Why SEO services, and why a certified SEO expert?

These questions are essential to the core of any business. By answering them, you establish how your company functions. You build a core foundation for your company by answering these questions and becoming efficient. Seattle Website Developers can play a vital role in this, especially regarding website design and maintenance. Subsequently, digital marketing and SEO would be the driving force behind your business.

Why Choose Seattle Website Developers?

  • Our partners prove our credibility and honesty.
  • We’ve been here since 2008.
  • We’ve established core services like web development, web design, WordPress, SEO, and online marketing.
  • We build relationships.
  • Our communication and workflow are number one.
  • Of course, Seattle Website Developers’ customer service is the best. Our customers will back the great experience, standards, and affordability.

Web Design for Small Businesses

An attorney, dentist, or any other type of startup or small business you may have? Contact Seattle Web Developer for the perfect online solution. We have the right web development skills to get your business competing. 

Why are Seattle website developers needed?

Website developers are another essential part of any business. People search on the internet to find what they are looking for, from socks to automobiles—because of this, having a website for your business is crucial. Professional and skilled website developers can help create functional and informative websites. Besides informing and catching potential customers via a website, some website developers can also optimize your website to target your customer base. Also, web developers can make it so that your website can be interactive, so people can search for what they want. After all, building the right website will create a reputable online presence and a flow of customers.

What to look for in Seattle website developer

Yes, there are many Seattle Web Developers dotted all around the globe! But finding one that fits your needs entails knowing some background on the web design process. Website developers should be comfortable using programming languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This is important because they create most websites for a more user-friendly website where people like photos. You will want a web app. First, you pick a programming language to create web apps like Ruby, PHP, and Python. Then you’ll need a database to store the information. When choosing a web developer, asking if they’re familiar with these technologies would be wise.

Software developers should be well-rounded in programming languages. Using many programming languages mentioned will help you and your business scale based on your growth needs. They should be able to solve problems when they arise, just like any other employee at your business. Also, they should speak their mind about what they want and help others around them understand the process and the product. Overall, look for someone open with your opinions, do what is needed, be human, and add their twist.

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Seattle website developers have delivered individualized web design and online marketing services since 2008. 

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