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Small Business SEO

Small Business SEO is a core part of any business looking to be successful online. Search Engine Optimization, also referred to as SEO, has become more widely discussed when discussing online business. SEO statistics states Google alone reported almost 2.3 trillion searches, with 70% of marketers preferring SEO over paid-per-click results. Business owners looking at expanding their online presence are investing more in SEO and seeing the benefits. If you’re in the process of creating or updating your website or wanting to increase your revenue, SEO can help. Let’s take a closer look at small businesses and what a website and SEO can offer them.

Small Business SEO & Online Presence

As with websites, small businesses come in all shapes and sizes. Globally there are millions of small businesses, including approximately 200 million very small companies, according to GoDaddy. Their number of employees typically defines small businesses. For example, very small businesses have five or fewer workers.

GoDaddy reports that women own 41% of very small businesses, and 39% have been in business for three years or less. Unfortunately, 59% of these businesses report they do not have a website and are missing out.

A website is a great avenue to connect and engage with your customer base and generate revenue. But having a website and online marketing not tackled the right way can bring numerous website problems—for example, no site optimization and limited social media presence.

Why do Businesses not need a website or Business SEO?

When asked why they didn’t have a website, 21% of business owners cited a lack of technical expertise. The good news is that there are more readily available online SEO resources for small businesses to expand their online presence quickly. 55% of very small businesses intend to create a website within the next two years. Once the website has gone online, SEO can help take the website and business to the next level.

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What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Creating a website is one of the first steps toward having an online presence. But, the next step in connecting your website with potential customers would be online marketing. For example, SEO comes into play since most traffic comes from search engines like Google. SEO expands your online network by reaching more visitors looking for what you have to offer. Business SEO bridges your website and customers by helping them find your website when they search online.

SEO utilizes up-to-date methods to connect more quality organic visitors to your website and bring them to you. The main objective is to improve your natural ranking on organic search engine result pages (SERP). You get the upper hand to become more competitive by targeting SEO and utilizing it.

How Does Business SEO Work?

One of the most significant benefits of using SEO is that no fee or payment is required. Search engines such as Google and Yahoo have programs designed to crawl web pages and online content at no charge. These crawler programs look for items and content relevant to consumers searching the web. The programs then store this information in an index, catalog it, and rank each website they crawl. The more items and relevant content you have, the higher your natural ranking is on a browser’s SERP. A higher natural rank brings more organic traffic to your website, potential new customers, and increased revenue. Now that we’ve reviewed how SEO works let’s find your website’s SEO rank.

How To Find Out Where Your Websites Ranks

There are two main ways to determine where your website ranks on SERPs.

  • It can be as easy as using incognito to search for your website using the desired keywords for small business websites. Using incognito is a must with this method as it removes personal preferences that may skew the results.
  • For larger businesses, especially with bigger budgets or websites with many web pages, many SEO tools exist. Some are based on a subscription, but many have initial trials. For example, SEO Analyzer by Neil Patel and Woorank both have options to try out their analyzer for free.

Now that you know how your website ranks, let’s look at ways to improve your ranking.

6 Essential Items to Make Your Website More Business SEO Friendly

The internet and technology, including SEO, are constantly changing. Here is a quick checklist of six essential items to remember when building and updating your website.

  1. Are your overall website and web pages search engine-friendly?
  2. Is your content applicable and relevant to consumers?
  3. Would others want to link to your website or content?
  4. Have you incorporated relevant keywords, terms, and phrases on your web pages and content?
  5. How is your user experience?
  6. Have you included any meta tags, such as a title?


1. Are your overall website and web pages search engine friendly?

This is the most crucial aspect to keep in mind when creating and updating a website. Can search engine crawlers find your web pages, access them, and read them? Are any page errors or internal links, such as navigation, that need repair? The rest of this list is irrelevant if search engines cannot find your website, access it, and read it.

Remember, due to internal link errors, crawlers cannot index, catalog, and rank websites they cannot find.

2. Is your content applicable and relevant to consumers?

Creating high-quality, current, relevant, and share-worthy content is one of the top two factors search engines look for. On-page content can include images, posts, articles, and videos. Staying in touch and engaged with your customer base can help create content that applies and appeals to them. Keep content current by updating it regularly, which Impact states can lead to a 106% increase in organic traffic.

Remember, this includes new content, freshening up, and republishing old content with a quick update.

3. Link to your website or content?

If your content is unique and matters, would other webmasters and bloggers share it or cite it on their websites or social media? This is the second top factor search engines look for when evaluating a website’s ranking. The most important links originate from outside your website, referred to as backlinks. The more backlinks you have pointing to your site, the higher your ranking.

Remember that backlinks need to be quality natural links from websites that the search engine deems trusted.

4. Have you incorporated relevant keywords, terms, and phrases on your web pages and content?

Still, I suggest you check SEO trends on the subject of trends! Do your research first and find the relevant keywords, terms, and phrases before adding random ones. This is another opportunity to ask questions better and know your target customer base. Impact states the most effective SEO method reported by 57% of marketers is on-page content. Moz Keyword Explorer and Google Trends are great resources for researching keywords and keyword trends.

Remember to ask questions. An excellent start is with your standard who, where, what, why, when, and how.

5. Small Business SEO should include user experience

Another question to ask yourself is, “is your website user-friendly…” Creating a website with user-friendly pages can increase your website’s overall visits. This can also lead to more time spent on your website and more pages viewed per visit. Mobile-friendly is also a key component, especially with reports of 52% of all global traffic coming from them. This alone includes three of Google’s top four ranking factors.

Consider loading speed for different devices, from desktops and laptops to phones and tablets.

6. Have you correctly assigned meta tags, such as titles?

Search engines may include on-page factors such as titles and header tags in your website’s code when determining its rank. These can be very helpful for customers, but remember that they do not weigh heavily with search engines. It is typically recommended that a title be added to each page.

Remember, most search engines are looking primarily for relevant content and backlinks.

Small Business SEO Takeaway

Digital marketing services and small businesses’ search engine optimization are a core part of branding, exposure, and business. Whether you want to go along with this, need SEO help, or hire an SEO agency? Overall, it should be part of your marketing strategy.

Want to learn more about SEO? Have a question or comment? Need some assistance with your small business’s SEO? Or if you are looking to delve deeper into additional web design tips? Visit our SEO Company website. Then read about what the top 50 successful websites have.

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