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Negative SEO – What is it?

Negative SEO: How to identify, monitor, and avoid it.

Has Negative SEO impacted your website?

Many people and businesses try to undermine their competitors via negative SEO. The result can be a headache and website trouble. Negative SEO is an intent to impact your website negatively. No matter what type of business you manage, it could be something that your website could be affected by. For example, if it sees a sudden drop in traffic, manual penalty notification, or individual keyword ranking.

Some factors that can destroy your website’s standing:

  • An “SEO expert” has used SEO practices known as black hat SEO.
  • Our website was copied in 2019 and deployed on several domain names. The result was these domains were also ranking on the exact keywords! The site has been demoted due to scraping the content, copying the whole website, and hosting it under a new domain.
  • Spammy links. The process where thousands of low-quality links are directed to your website.
  • Fake reviews, and in some cases where competitors review and recommend their own business.
  • The website has been hacked and redirected to other sites.

Does Google Care when it comes to Negative SEO Marketing?

Though Google tries its best to prevent such SEO practices, there will always be loopholes for unethical SEO and ways to target and compromise the SEO algorithms. If someone or a competitor’s mission is to harm your website standing, they will not own up to it even if you reach out to them!

Is your website affected?

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Reputable SEO specialists always rely on the best and most natural SEO strategies to get websites to rank high and drive quality traffic, NOT unethical and quick SEO schemes.

How to Identify Negative SEO

It’s most likely that you may discover by chance or see that your website traffic has dropped. The drop can signify that someone or an entity has attacked your website with a negative SEO campaign. Other factors that will impact your website could include the following:

  1. Website Traffic Drop: If it’s not a major Google update and you have not used any black hat SEO practices, it’s doubtful your website ranking will suddenly drop. If you follow Google’s SEO guidelines, you should not see your website ranking plummet.
  2. Google emails you that you’re doing something against their guidelines. If you receive an email from Google, it’s most likely someone has it in for you. There could be many reasons, such as competition, an ex-employee, or even an unhappy customer.
  3. A drop in individual keyword ranking overnight is a clear sign that something is wrong and that negative SEO could be the culprit.
  4. Your content is suddenly showing up on other websites, which could be harming the web pages and website. There are some measures to take to prevent this. For example, you control and implement a no index at every page level.
  5. Backlink issues can affect online visibility, whether it’s an increase in spammy links, blocked links, toxic links, or a drop in your backlinks. It’s always good to regularly monitor such fluctuations and take action when negative SEO is spotted. 

Tools that help Discover & Monitor Negative SEO

It’s not the world’s end, primarily if your website targets negative SEO. There are many tools available that SEO experts use to monitor website activity. Many tools will help identify, monitor, and prevent negative SEO. Such as Google Webmaster Tools, SEMRush, Ahref, and Moz, to name a few.

What to do if your website has been impacted by Negative SEO

If you’ve discovered that your website is affected by this practice, staying calm and collected is best. The damage may have been done, but you must be in salvage and recovery mode. Don’t panic! The first step is to investigate and understand what the root cause is. It could be some other SEO issue. If you feel this is outside your realm, it just makes sense to hire a competent SEO consultant or SEO agency. After all, they will have a clear understanding and know-how regarding correctly tackling negative SEO.

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Small Business websites can be affected by Negative SEO

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