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How to Promote a Blog

How to Promote a Blog and drive more traffic.

What is a blog?

A blog is a form of writing that shares information for the public to see on the internet. The people who write blogs on platforms like WordPress are usually known as bloggers. Starting your blog is relatively easy but competing against others to get exposure is the real challenge. Writing in blogs could be anything you would like. You need to choose a topic and write about it. Ideally, there should be reasoning and credibility behind it. When starting a blog, you also need to ask yourself what the blog’s purpose is. You should ask yourself, why should I start a personal blog? There could be many reasons for you to create a blog. You could be looking to make money, promote your businesses, or even spread awareness by providing facts. Figuring out your reasoning and then following through with it will be the best way to start a blog.

Starting Off Your Blog

When writing a blog, you always need to consider the result of your blog. You start by looking at the content within the blog. How did you structure the blog, the words you use, the targeted audience, and most importantly, the overall topic? The process of making a blog requires some end goal. Having a purpose within your blogs makes the process a lot easier. Planning what will be on your website will always be the best start. The way you start will ultimately affect how you can promote your blog.

Making a blog unique can be challenging for some people. Unfortunately, this can be the most effective way to get more attention from other bloggers. Having your content be distinctive can be positive. It will attract more people to your blog, as other blogs may have the same format. In your blog, you should provide new or less commonly used ideas. Providing more information to the viewers will lead to tremendous success in promoting your blog. It is essential because it makes people want to interact more since everything will be on your blog. Most importantly, providing data will be beneficial to your blog. It will reflect your credibility to your blog and yourself as a blogger.

The Power of SEO

Search Engine Optimization is a strategy for people to increase their traffic by manipulating their content. It is the process of fine-tuning a website (on-page SEO), but in this case, a blog to fit the algorithm. Search engines have a technique to look through your blog and search for factors your blog possesses. In your blog, you need to provide critical components based on the topics while following the strategies for SEO. The usage of metadata will catch the attention of the algorithm. Metadata are small components added to your website, adding depth to what it showcases. This allows your blog to work its way up the ranks of search, which in the end, shows the importance of metadata.

While practicing SEO, you must remember that it is possible to overdo it. Therefore, SEO is not as easy as it seems. The practice of using keywords and pictures is a powerful way to catch the attention of the search engine’s algorithm. These words and images can be anything that relates to your blog. Keywords can be used within text, titles, subtitles, and more. Images can also be placed throughout your blog. This will catch the attention of SEO algorithms and help promote a blog. Strategically placing them throughout your website is very important, as there can be ways to abuse the algorithm. Abusing it will only bring down your search result ranking even more.

What to Have Within Your Blog

Researchable Content

When designing or writing your blog, you need to know what topic you will write about. Choosing a subject could be pretty hard if you don’t know the exact direction you want to go to. When promoting your blog, you should prioritize topics people will be interested in. You should invest your time into a topic that will be popular or trending within the current media. This will be one of the best ways to draw in the audience when you begin a blog.


After choosing a topic, you should understand the content and audience. Consider doing extra searches to find the correct keywords and perspectives to construct the blog. Data-driven content makes your blog stand out more than others. This is a more reliable way to gain new visitors. Other personal blogs are not as reliable because there is no real audience unless you follow them. People are constantly searching for information on the internet. Blogs will gain the most followers, where relevant and popular information can be achieved through this strategy.


An advertisement is a straightforward way to get your blog out to the world. These ads can be placed on any social media platform, website, or blog. Advertising does come with a price. Though these prices may vary, they will be run through an algorithm. This algorithm advertises your ad to people who are looking at similar content. The ads you purchase can be put in any form since they will be clipped into the platform. Paying your way to get views will increase the gain in viewership. In the long run, advertisements will be the fastest and easiest way to promote a blog.


You can always self-advertise by promoting yourself. A starting ground for your blog is encouraging your current blog to any existing audience. Maybe you came from a different space and wanted to start a blog. If possible, bringing those audiences to your blog is best. Getting these audiences will be a great start, but it should not be your only method. You can keep expanding your audience by having a solid social media presence. Social media has been a pivotal part of people’s lives during our time and age. Having your blog show up on people’s feeds will give them opportunities to read your blog. Finally, by becoming part of another blogger’s community and commenting, you can do your blog self-promoting. Doing this requires some tact, as backlash can result from over-promoting, which can be a problem.

Build Relationships

It is essential to build good relationships with other bloggers as a blogger. These relationships can lead to many different opportunities. Outreach to other bloggers through their blogs is an excellent place to start. It is also best to build relations with other bloggers trying to work on similar topics or ideas. These interactions with other bloggers can be very beneficial as they promote their blogs. These connections allow you to collaborate and have a learning experience. Having a mentor or someone to work with will be a great advantage since you can learn from them. Given a chance, you will apply the new knowledge to your future blogs.

Power of Email

In this time and age, almost everyone has an email. Bloggers can take advantage of this by creating an email subscription form. These email lists allow incoming viewers to enter their email and receive inboxes about their blogs. This allows the recipients to get further exposure to the blogger’s new post. Even though sources say very few people open the email, the strategy has worked and was tested to promote blogs. You can increase clicks through this by sending them personalized emails through your email lists. Sending personal emails makes the viewer more likely to open the email. This will result in more clicks to your blog, as they are inclined to read what was sent to them.


Activity in Your Community

Being active within your blog community is a powerful way to connect and maintain your audience. A vibrant community gives more chances for the viewers to come back. Being active can be very easy, as your blog should have a comment section. This is where your audience can write their opinion, questions, criticism, or even add to the conversation. You can show your activity by replying to those comments. This shows that you care and are passionate about blogging. These comments can be short or long, as long as your presence is there. In turn, it will create a lasting and committed community. Applying this will show the effectiveness of this promotion strategy.

You can also be active in other people’s communities. Commenting on other bloggers will create exposure. These comments could be added to the discussion or left feedback. Doing this allows people to find who they are. It is also a way to promote your blog, where similar topics are shared. Commenting on other people’s blogs also allows you to collaborate. Finding your way into people’s blogs will let you do your own promoting.  

Take Away

Why All of This Is Important

All the tips on promoting your blog will significantly affect your blog’s success. Some people may believe that there is no reason to do this. They may think this because they may not understand the competition with other bloggers. Knowing that making a blog is fundamentally easy, they don’t have to put in the extra effort to promote their blog. The idea of this doesn’t seem right and should be changed. Competition is such a big part of blogging. Many different bloggers are trying to promote their blogs, making it hard for you to find the spotlight.

Making these minor adjustments may seem like a hassle, but it will all be worth it. Finding an audience is what makes bloggers successful. Without a substantial audience or foundation, it is hard to advance blogging. Other people will use these strategies to work up to people’s searches. Lacking these strategies will, in turn, make it harder for you to gain a following.

Making the blog you want is easy, but getting the attention it deserves will be the greatest challenge. It is essential to understand the great competition on the current web. There are many techniques to consider while trying to promote a blog. These tips will give you an idea of what a proper blog should be like. As a blogger, you need to remember that you can do this wrong in many ways. Applying what you’ve learned over time will be an easy process. Take the time to fine-tune a blog and do the extra task to make a prominent presence in the scene. In the end, applying the tips will draw in larger audiences.

Benefits of Blogging

So Why blog? Besides helping your website rank higher with unique content, blogging could generate a lot of money. That’s right. You heard that correctly. According to life, you could make around $10,000 if you start a stable blog. Blogging has many features that can help a person. Money is one of them. This blog will be broken down into four sections.

Benefit #1

The first benefit you need to know is that you can make a huge difference in what you’re blogging about. Since you upload your blog to the internet, billions worldwide can see and read what you share. Not only will you be able to share your thoughts, but you’ll be able to receive feedback and communicate with others about the topic. This alone should be a solid reason to blog. Who wouldn’t want to talk about what they’re passionate about with others? What better way to do that than by blogging? If you’re lucky enough, a famous person could be interested in your writing and might even want to meet you face to face! Or even better, talk about you on social media. How exciting is that!

Money #2

Another benefit of blogging is making cash. I know this was already discussed in the introduction, but I want to get more into it. Yes, you can make some good side cash off blogging(I know from experience, but I’ll talk about that later). However, you won’t be making thousands right off the bat. Getting money from your blogs comes from 2 places. Ads and having your viewers fund you. What do I mean by ads? Well, you probably have seen those commercials on YouTube that pop up when you’re trying to watch a video. That’s how the content creator gets the money—the same concept regarding bloggers. So the more viewers you get on your web page, the more cash will be brought in. Seem like a lot of Work? Not at all. Just upload your opinions(preferably about recent news) and wait for people to stop by!

Healthcare #3

I know it sounds weird, but it’s true. Some people are just way too shy even to let out some emotions. They keep it bottled inside them, which is not good. Doing this can lead to a stressful life, and the person will snap one day if it continues. Blogging helps by letting the person share how they feel, having the comfort of being 100% anonymous. If you feel like something is bothering you and you die telling someone, just let it all out on a blog. You won’t get many views at first, so don’t worry about having thousands of people viewing your story right when you upload it. “Expressing feelings and emotions helps you grow as a person. Some feelings might not be as welcome as others, but allowing yourself to feel them makes it easier to comprehend what they mean.”

Small Business #4

Own a business, or are you thinking of starting one? Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a crucial need of a company. This gives your business more traffic when viewers search for words on the internet. That means the more SEO you have, the more likely your website URL will pop up on the first page of a search engine. Blogging can help with this. 60% of the business that continually blog connect with more customers. Having a blog for your business can create credibility and trust for it. For example, let’s say two new car companies are starting up. One gives out information from time to time, while the other blogs give consistent information. Naturally, people would choose the company that blogs because they get to see more of them as a company and their story. Also, this makes them feel more at ease when committing to a business deal.

Open Doors #5

Blogging can open new doors. Once you start bringing in views, you could get recognized and be asked to speak at events. Another thing is job offers. If you have dedication, your potential could get realized, and you could get a job as an author. You can always work under yourself even if you have no luck getting hired. Don’t want to be an author? You can also try speaking on youtube videos or doing podcasts. Becoming an influencer is another thing. With many people reading your blogs, most of them will trust your words. That means you can talk them into buying a product or even your own! This is a huge deal. Big and small companies will start to reach out to you, asking if you can share their products on your blog or talk about them. Depending on the offer, you can get the product for free if you’re lucky enough. They will give you the money and the item.

Improve your Language #6

It’s pretty evident that when you do something, you get better at it. Practice makes perfect! Well, it’s no different when it comes to writing a blog. Your language skills will improve as you write. It can help focus your mind as well. Researching is a considerable skill nowadays with technology and the internet here. Blogging can help with that too! Since you’ll share your mind, you’ll need to search for information from time to time. Your speaking ability will also increase if you do talk. Most bloggers end up with at least one talk at an event or a small crowd. 

Now has any of this changed anyone? The short answer is yes, and it has something to say for the people. Bloggers have even paid off her debt by doing this; amazing. Keep in mind that blogging doesn’t have to be a full-time job. You can do it in your free time! What’s better than being your boss?

Other Improvements #7

Now Carly has quite the story. I highly suggest checking her blog if you have the time(bottom of the page). Here are some things she said about blogging “My resume is leaps and bounds more impressive than it was. And not just my typing skills. All my technical skills and my compute-ability (yes, I made that up) have improved.” blogging brings in some money! “I had a great crazy goal of earning $1000/month. It’s hard to believe that there’ve been a few days in the past year where I earned $1000 in one day. (That’s not the norm. It’s happened maybe four times. But to earn $100/day, seven days per week, is a given.” Not only is Carly making good money, but she is also making her resume look better than it was before!

Enjoyable #8

Blogging is an enjoyable job from Bobby Hoyt “I’ve met cool people online, have the option to go to blogging conventions like FinCon (yes, blogging conventions are a real thing), and have a job that makes people say: “whoa…that’s freaking cool“. Work used to feel a lot more like a chore, but now it’s something that I wake up and look forward to. I hope all of you can find a job that makes you feel that way.” It looks like bobby loves his job as a blogger! He is very passionate about it as well. You can meet some amazing people when you start up your blog. These are only three people out of what could be millions of bloggers out in the world. You can see how much of an impact blogging had on their lives.

Well, it’s time to wrap this up with my conclusion. Blogging is something I think everyone should try out. Even if it’s something you don’t feel you’ll keep track of. It’s a fun way to share your point of view and let out some frustration. Also, whether this is a primary job or a side job, you sure get a lot of money! You can think of it as your little corner in the online world. If all that doesn’t motivate you enough, consider SEO if you have a business. If you do not like it, you can drop it with a couple of clicks(make sure you don’t upset your followers).


Not a fan of typing or writing? No worries, vlog instead! Vlogging is similar to blogging. The only difference is that you’re talking to a camera instead. A vlog is where a person documents their daily life through a video camera. These vlogs will be edited most of the time, so the viewers don’t get bored quickly when the creator isn’t doing anything. Nowadays, this year vlogs are viral. I’ve seen people having thousands to millions of followers regarding vlogs, and let me tell you. It’s crazy. Depending on the creator, your impact on the world can be huge. A good influence example would be Roman Atwood. A person can gain a hundred thousand through a million followers just by getting a shout-out in his vlogs. Can you imagine how much money he gets from ads and sponsored ships?

I challenge you to start blogging.

If that’s too much, then I challenge you to write one paragraph every day for a week. That’s just one. They don’t have to belong. Just don’t make it too short. You can write about anything you want. Maybe at the end of each day, type up your favorite part if you don’t know where to get a template or don’t have a website to start blogging. Head over to your handly Google(or any search engine)and search how to start blogging. You don’t even need a website to blog! Since you’ll be trying it out, write it on your phone! That way, you know for sure no one will be reading your blogs. Because I know it could be embarrassing at first. If you enjoy doing it after a week, move on to uploading it.

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