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Small Business Web Design

Small Business Web Design since 2008.

"A Web Design company with talent, responsiveness, professionalism, and CARING!"

Barbara Veit, MS

Board Member, Truth Pharm

Seattle Small Business Web Designer

We operate as a full-stack development agency. In short, we do everything when it comes to small business websites. From start to finish, including web marketing. At the same time, we have a wealth of experience fostering small to medium-sized businesses and professionals. We have developed and taken care of hundreds of websites, if you wonder. After all, we have been operating since 2008! And cater to startups as well as established businesses.

Small Business Web Design

Our web design services help businesses succeed online, from basic websites to more complex management systems. We can handle them all! A clean and functional small business web design will help your customers and business if your website contains valuable information to attract customers. Thus resulting in new customers and retaining an existing customer base.

Customers sometimes want to consult for simple questions. Customers will immediately access your business information if the company has an official website.

The common feature of such a Small business web design is that it needs to be rich and eye-catching. After all, providing customers with a more profound impression will lead to the possibility of a customer-business relationship.

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Small Business Web Design

Small Business Web Designs and online marketing are the core areas we focus on at our web design agency. After all, we provide many web-related services that assist small businesses—SEO, online marketing, web support, and web design.

Small Business Website Builders

Creating a website has become essential in promoting any big or small business. After all, websites can help market a product or service. Hence, website design is critical as it is a gateway to your business’s success. More important is getting the right partner to design your small business website. 

Our online marketers and website developers enable our customers to get the best of both worlds! An effective website bounce rate is one factor where we concentrate. A user typically takes only 4 to 6 seconds to decide whether they will keep browsing on your site or not. Besides building a clean-cut and functional website, we help small businesses rank their websites on search engines.

 Our website builders and online marketing experts help businesses reach the next level. Contact us today.

Reasons a Business needs a Website

Increase the accessibility of customers

The number of Internet users is rising drastically every year. With a website, businesses can reach customers anytime, anywhere. If the company does not have a website, it has lost a considerable advantage of the technology that it brings us. General invisibility, rendering the service as well as business activities limited.

Increased Interaction

Increase interactions between businesses and customers, keeping them longer with the company. Companies will help customers quickly find the product and display the desired service with a website. The information provided on the website should be maintained continuously, accurately, visually (images, videos), frequently responds to asked questions in the transaction, and timely resolve the customer’s responsibility.

Promote business effectively

The usual business promotion options are advertising in the media and mass media. However, the cost of these types is so high that when building a website alone, businesses only need to spend a small amount on investment and maintenance equipment.

Platform for product sales

People are always busy with work rotation because they have very little time to go shopping. That is why online shopping is gradually taking the throne. The site is a good platform for product introduction and sales. This is suitable for local customers and customers around the world.


Branding is a business concern, and a website will help businesses do this. It reflects a professional image through the interface and the activities of the business. Email addresses, domain names, and communicating with customers through the web help businesses build credibility, branding, and image spread worldwide.

Features needed for small business websites

Design a responsive interface and have a clear menu bar

Customers visiting your website can come from many different countries and use any media, such as a computer, phone, or tablet. When your website is designed responsively, it will automatically change to fit any device.

Along with adaptability, the website must be presented with a clear, coherent layout. It can adjust the view of the customer into the product, purchase buttons, or cart. Thus, customers will easily find the tabs, links, and buttons to the pages they need to see after visiting the site.

SEO Factors

In today’s online marketing, SEO is the most effective form of gaining visibility. We can see that there are now many forms of online marketing to promote business websites, such as Facebook advertising, advertising on web pages, and Google AdWords advertising. SEO is the practical form of online marketing that many large and small businesses choose.

Search engine optimization is also a factor in helping your site attract the attention of its customers, increasing the viewer’s traffic. Posts with attractive titles and content, with the exact keyword combination, increase traffic, are highly rated by Google and ranked top. Building the right keyword article is not too difficult. You can contact the service provider.

Interaction with customers

Most people who visit your site are interested in your website’s product, service, or feature. So be prepared to answer the questions and the requirements from the simple to the complex from the user. For e-book items, online chat support, live video, online training, newsletters… all are essential.

This can help users understand your business and the products and services of your organization. In particular, you can also set up dedicated forums for your customers, accompanied by email address information, to send them your promotion program.

The Benefits of Building a Small Business Website

What small businesses need most is how to promote their own business. We all know that many small businesses face many problems, but a website will:

  1. Provide a medium or way to connect with customers.
  2. You can conduct online marketing to get more traffic if your business exists online.
  3. It is easier for investors to understand your business. There is a significant benefit to having your own Small business web presence.
  4. 24/7 online access for new and existing customers.

Small Business Web Design

It does not matter what your small business does. A small business Web Design Seattle firm can create advanced websites to attract customers. After all, having a website alone is not your business goal. The key objective is to drive traffic to your small business website. Hence, we’ve compiled many strategies to help your small business website get you started.

The status of small business web pages

A considerable percentage of people search online before purchasing any service or item. Hence a key benefit of being online is through a Small business web design. Also, astonishingly not every business has a website! In other words, there is the potential to tap into more business.

Web Design & SEO Services for Small Businesses

At Visualwebz, we provide a range of WordPress (WP) web design, website development, and web marketing services to a diverse group of small businesses. Be it a WordPress website design for a large company, SEO for a startup, or an e-commerce website for a brick-and-mortar small business, we will deliver it. Our web developers have a strong understanding of small businesses. Furthermore, we encourage you to read Visualwebz reviews and see why our customers are happy with our work and outcomes.


Healthcare Web Design Services

We offer a range of medical web design services for the healthcare industry. Our medical website solutions branch out to all areas of the healthcare field. Dental web designers' effective dental web design services serve Dentists, Dental Clinics, specialized  Dental Practices, Orthodontists, Dentistry, and Dental Practices. For example, Bothell Dental Care is one client for whom we have helped the site gain an online presence.

Hire the best medical website developers for your healthcare website, dentist, or walk-in clinic. We don't end there with our website services but branch to other healthcare services like Doctors, specialist Doctors, Medical Services, Psychologists, Plastic Surgeries, ChiropractorsPsychiatristsVeterinary practices, and other healthcare-related practices. Connect with one of our web designers today.



Services Sector

Professional web solutions for the services sector

Our website builder and SEO services assist all types of businesses. Some of which include:


Web Design & SEO for Professionals





Web services for other industries

Website design services that benefit nonprofits, such as religious centers and churches, have always been part of our portfolio. For example, we manage the local Seattle Christianity website. Another example is redesigning a Seattle-based nonprofit, website. Other nonprofits we are working with include

We give back!

As part of giving back, we help nonprofits. We don't profit from any nonprofit website design or SEO services provided to nonprofits. If you have a great cause you are working for, let us help your nonprofit. We may even do it for free! Be it in Federal Way, Bellevue, or New York. We can help you get results. We can fix a broken website and get your charitable cause or church back on track.

Regarding web design and online marketing, we serve other industries such as Home Owner's Associations websites, Government Agencies, and political parties.

Read more about what you need to know when starting a small business web design project

Starting a Small Business Web Design

Have you ever been in situations where you were faced with a new challenge that you thought was too much? Maybe the goal was to learn to ski in a week, a few days, or possibly a day. In modern-day society, similar challenges like this exist everywhere. Recent technology has done its job of overcoming the stigma of web development.

Did you know it’s easier to manage website content than ever before? The news may be shocking to some, but at the same time, it is not. Over the years, many website design trends have made life easier for small businesses and webmasters. While many more innovative tools are now being made accessible, it is now possible for everyone to also craft these beautiful websites.

Hello, What’s your name?

As we take the first few steps into the journey, we believe that anything and everything begins its life with a given identity. Therefore, it is ideal for kickstarting things by assigning your website a domain name! What’s so significant about this, you may ask? People cannot visit your website until the name is established. Therefore, domain name providers such as GoDaddy, NameCheap, and Hover offer various low-cost services that will take care of all the registration processes to have your website up and connected to the internet.

Just a little word from the wise: try not to go overboard. A solid name should reinforce all your core values. Putting in the extra thought in your domain will eventually pay dividends. Please keep it clean, and remember to keep it simple.

Planning when it comes to Small Business Web Design

As the journey approaches, the next pit stop. We have come upon one of the first initial buildings on your website. The responsibility for this phase is to take on all of the planning processes of the website. Whether it will be an informational or personal website, a site for catalogs or brochures, or an e-commerce shop, the options are open however you want.

However, the type of website selected will directly affect the appearance and content depending on the topic. This Initial setup is also an excellent opportunity to do some housekeeping. As an architect, it is good practice to begin mapping out the layout for your website. Focusing on the navigation structure, images, text, and video placement will set the sights as we move into the development phase.

The Goal of Successful Small Business Web Design

Setting goals is an excellent way of giving yourself a sense of direction in tackling life’s most difficult tasks. Whether big or small, the first step in achieving your goals is to define them. Subconsciously ask yourself questions to guide you in formulating expectations for your website. Some of these questions range from:

  • Who will my customers be, and what do I want from them?
  • What do I want my site to accomplish for my business?

Hitting your goals can be an excellent first step, but most importantly, make them achievable otherwise, you will be disappointed. Perhaps it could be improving your web store experience, having people play games on your website, or increasing monthly visitors to your blogging site, ensuring it aligns with your beliefs. Simply defining your goals builds a solid foundation by reinforcing your Ideas and giving the audience a better understanding of your vision.

Lasting Small Business Web Design Impressions

One of the main issues people face when building their first website is doing too much. According to cubicle ninja in the article on the web, facts state that: the average user will take half a second to make up their mind on specific aspects of the website. Having too much on the plate might seem reasonable, but it presents significant problems.

The Small Business Web Design

Now that we have everything set into place, we have come to the point of developing the website. Although this task may seem challenging, it is also the most exciting. Before the coding begins, you should overview how the website will turn out. Understanding HTML and CSS would be a fair advantage for piecing together the blueprints. The simple text editor notepad provides the tool for these languages to be specifically written. Similar to Human Anatomy.

HTML is the bare bones responsible for the basic web design scheme containing text, symbols, and pixels. It alters the appearance, blending various colors, striking fonts, and bold styles. It saves a lot of work by controlling the layout on multiple web pages simultaneously. Although HTML made it easier to structure web pages, it still had limitations. Everything is now taking shape.

The Hosting of a Small Business Website

After successfully creating your website, The next challenge is to look for your host provider. What’s the big deal? Many people are now turning to storage companies for more space; hence the same concept applies to Host Providers. Web hosting provides the spark for all the content residing on your website. This service’s significance allows your site to access the web server, making things visible over the internet for everyone connecting.

There are several types of web hosting options available. Bluehost and Dreamhost are known for enhanced security, server monitoring, and troubleshooting abilities. Their exceptional service, reliability, and many other features are why they are popular. Although there are also Free Hosting services, they often come with many restrictions and fees and are not worth the hassle for a business-focused site.

Promoting a Small Business Website

Imagine being the inventor of the next best thing, something so big that would surely end the use of plastic for good. You have a website to showcase your invention, but the big problem is that nobody is here. Just because you have launched your website, it will not equal out to supporters immediately. Therefore in this phase, effectively advertising your website will be critical in getting the ball rolling. Many services are available for starters that can help get the word out. Social media has paved the way for interacting with customers.

Most SEO will take the hard work away in advertising. Narrowing down specific keywords from your content makes your websites more visible online. The ability to receive instant feedback will benefit businesses throughout. In terms of potentially reaching out to the millions, Boosting ad revenue, and earning higher profit margins.

Every Small Business Website Needs Google

The importance of having a proper SEO cannot be understated. Therefore let’s place more emphasis on this topic by introducing google analytics. This free software tool works around your web content by making your presence known online. For this to all work, the line of code must be embedded into your website, enabling the tracking tool to do its job.

This will record activities and gather information from the users visiting your website when this has been achieved. The data then gets collected to the servers and generates key listings to help you better understand your site. The benefits from the analysis provide accurate details in helping to improve specific areas of your website. From a business standpoint, it’s beneficial for targeting your audience. You can learn a lot about your website from this valuable tool.

Small Business Website Maintenance

It may feel like you have already completed everything and there is nothing else to do. That is far from the case, though. Have you ever stumbled upon web pages with missing sections, images, irrelevant content, and things that just looked out of place? Well, the chances are that the website has seen better days. Therefore, your website running at its most optimum levels needs regular attention and maintenance. It’s essential to test your website often because environmental changes can always be a factor.

For example, web browser updates, new device compatibility, network or hosting services, or performance issues all present challenges to your website. Staying on top of all these potential disruptions will show the audience your reliability, thus building up your website’s credibility.

Small Business Web Design Success

Now that we’ve made it to the home stretch. Starting an online business can be the riskiest yet most satisfying feeling. Even though we focus on success, we must consider possible failures. According to many sources, over 90% of all Internet business start-ups will fail within the first year. While this may be alarming, know that this is all just part of the journey.

Rest assured; you can always launch again and come back stronger. Others will notice how committed you are and give you another chance. Generally, Small Business Web Design project will not be the end of your success but more of an ongoing project.

What Small Business Web Design Seattle can do.

We create unique websites that satisfy every customer’s needs while reducing design costs. In addition, we will regularly work on your online marketing and SEO services. Again, you will need such forms of digital marketing for your small business to succeed.

Small Business Web Design in Seattle

Be it an attorney, accountant, law firm, dentist, elderly care, HOA, or investment firm. We will build your small business website to your expectations. Contact us for information on Seattle’s small business website packages, whether you’re looking for a website redesign or a new website with WordPress, e-commerce, or other online services for your small business. You can rest assured that Small Business Web Design Seattle will deliver quality and available services. Call us at (425)-336-0069 or email

Seattle Small Business Website Design

Small Business Web Design Seattle

Small Business Web Design is done locally

Professional Website Development & Small Business Web Design

Small Business Web Design & SEO available nationally.

Besides providing web page design, SEO, and online marketing to local businesses, we offer such services to small businesses in other states. For example, local cities include SeattleFederal Way,  Issaquah, Kirkland, Lakewood, WA, Monroe, Olympia, Tacoma, and Bellingham, WA.

Whether you’re looking for a website for an attorney, small law firm, dentist, or marketing a law firm? Our web developers will deliver what you want. Call Visualwebz today at (425)-336-0069.

Other states where Small Business Web Design is available

Seattle Website Design Services

Check our small business portfolio. We build websites from WordPress development to e-commerce websites. We can handle it! Our website costs are affordable.

Small Business Web Design Tips

Building an attractive website isn’t just enough to excite visitors. It has to be user-friendly and, all in all, just simply for the user. After all, the end goal is to ensure visitors return to your website or convert it into a sale. If a website isn’t aesthetically pleasing, your website can become dull, and users will move on to your competition.

Content is critical to a website. The imagery on a website can show what kind of message you want to send your users. Images should be connected to your product so you don’t confuse customers with images without association. After all, a picture can say more than a thousand words.

Take the time to evaluate whether your site has broken pages (404 error codes). For example, you may be surprised to find previously high-performing unpublished landing pages or websites that are improperly linked.

Why you should consider hiring a Web Developer

Web developers are just as important as web designers because they make the basic structure of your small business website. Web developers integrate applications and graphics and make your website functional. They also have more skills than a web designer and are often the core of an effective website design for any small business.

Small Business Web Designs need a Great Domain.

Your domain is one of the most critical aspects of your website and business. It’s the URL you will share with your current and potential customers. Finding a domain name that’s memorable and short will help a lot. For example, avoid confusing your customers and clients with a lengthy domain name.

Priorities for Small Business Web Designs

The priorities of your website development can start with hiring a small business web designer and a web developer. Even a full stack developer that covers both these areas. These two experts can ensure that you have a stable and usable web page developed. Also, be ready to discuss the details of your site and be as transparent as possible. Remember, your website should appeal to the right audience.

A website can cost a lot, but remember that this is for your business. Having a website when we live is the best way to get your product out to the public. Whether marketing via animationprotecting an existing website, or just a fresh new look. We can help. Consider outsourcing your website services to us. Call us at (425)-336-0069.

Looking for a Seattle Small Business Website Design?

Hiring Small Business Web Design Seattle – Visualwebz is as simple as a calling us at (425)-336-0069 or emailing at Your one stop for all your Small Business Web Design Seattle services.  We also, take on existing website problems and fix them!

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