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Seattle Restaurant Website Designs

Seattle Restaurant Websites are all over Seattle, Washington. Whether it’s an amateur website design or done professionally, they all have a standing in the local food community. This blog covers a list of Seattle websites we’ve randomly selected and provides some input regarding why they are unique and lacking.

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Whether your business is in the food industry or not, there are many reasons for website design. For example, relaying the correct information to existing and potential customers via web content and optimizing the website to its full potential to attract website traffic. We have handled many SEO projects and got websites to rank higher and generate traffic.


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1. Hormer Restaurant Website

Menu online – Yes.
It is updated regularly – No.
Pictures of location – Yes
Reviews: A press page.
Pictures of food – Yes, but not individual dishes

Overall, this is a well-designed and structured Seattle Restaurant Website. It provides a good feeling and design flow. Adding professional photos of the location, food, and drink gives it a sense of invitingness. The menu is updated semi-regularly, but there is no listing of daily specials. All links to the restaurant work pretty well. The fonts and color schemes are consistent throughout the pages.


2. Wataru Restaurant Website:

Menu online – Yes.
It is updated regularly – Unknown.
Pictures of locations- Only on Facebook.
Reviews-  None.
Pictures of food – Only on Facebook.

Wataru is an example of a Seattle Restaurant website missing many opportunities. It looks to be an upscale sushi restaurant in Seattle, and although its website is good-looking, it cuts some essential pieces that could boost its business. For example, content is lacking regarding restaurant SEO Marketing and local SEO.  There is an online menu, a way to reserve a table, and links to Facebook and Instagram to explore further. The lack of website and social media pictures doesn’t help new customers.

Traditional Japanese Sushi is about the presentation as much as the food itself, so the restaurant would benefit by having pictures taken of the dishes and the inside to get an idea of the atmosphere. The restaurant should be advertising as much of the authentic Japanese experience as the food itself, and the website misses this.

3. Katsuburger Restaurant Website:

Menu online – Yes, even if different locations split it up.
Updated regularly – it is hard to tell.
Pictures of locations – Only the outsides.
Reviews – Yes
Pictures of food– Yes, even individual pictures of ALMOST EVERY dish they serve.

Katsu Burger is a Japanese fast-food burger and sushi eatery. This Seattle Restaurant Website has a unique design. Their website is very well done and uses the restaurant’s logo color scheme throughout all its pages. There are menus online for each of their locations.

Most dishes have a small camera icon you can click on for a thumbnail picture of that dish. Also, they have several videos hosted on YouTube that show their signature burgers being made. The videos are well-produced and convey a fun Japanese attitude. They also have pages for Press, Contact, and even Job listings. They use an online ordering service for pickup.

One drawback of the site is that it’s not responsive!

4. The Shambles Restaurant Website:

Menu online – Yes.
It is updated regularly – Yes.
Pictures of locations – 1 or 2 only.
Reviews – None.
Pictures of food- Some.

The Shambles is a combination of butchery and restaurant/bar. However, there are not many pictures of the inside or outside of the restaurant. This Seattle Restaurant website presents a straightforward menu that gives you a good idea of the flavor used.

This website appears to be updated regularly with new menus and information. There is even a feature to make online reservations. 

The website has a consistent theme and utilizes dark colors and muted pastels. It is a simple English-style font to make it seem like a butcher and pub you’d find in Great Britain.

The website was found to be not secure.

5. Stateside Restaurant Website:

Menu online – Yes.
It is updated regularly- Unknown.
Pictures of locations – Yes.
Reviews- Press page.
Pictures of food – Yes.

Seattle Restaurant Website is professionally built and has a solid design. The logo and fonts are found throughout. The website has professionally taken pictures of both the dishes and the restaurant, so you’d know what you will be getting as a customer. It is the exact right amount of information about a restaurant that a consumer needs without all the other sites’ excessive information.

They take reservations online, which is very handy. One of their tabs says “Foreign National,” but it is unclear what that is, and it has text that’s hard to read. When you click on it, a straightforward webpage appears that has only a logo and “cocktails and drinking snacks from the Stateside team.” I assume this means there is an attached bar, but no other information is given. This single page is a failure, while the rest of the site gets high grades.

6. Flint Creek Restaurant Website:

Menu online – Yes
Updated regularly – Hard to say.
Pictures of locations – Yes
Reviews- None.
Pictures of food- No.

Flint Creek is an upscale Seattle steak and fine meats restaurant. This Seattle Restaurant website gives a good overview of the restaurant and provides the menu and background about the owners. It also features a photo gallery of professional pictures taken there. Online reservations can be made through the OpenTable site, and a link on the page directs you there.

The website is professionally done, and the fonts and colors are chosen to convey an old West/cowboy attitude that the restaurant intends. The only problem with the website is that it is a single page, with in-page links taking you further down the page. Also, the site is not secure! Splitting up the website into multiple pages utilizing SEO could be beneficial.

7. Cafe Juanita Restaurant Website:

Menu online – Yes
Updated regularly – Unknown.
Pictures of locations – Outside only.
Reviews- Yes.
Pictures of food – Yes.

Café Juanita’s website is an example of too much information on a restaurant’s website. One would assume that the content is for SEO purposes, but as a Seattle SEO Agency, we found that the website did need on-page SEO. But, the website is well made and has everything a good website should be: good pictures of the food, online reservations, the menu, and information about private events.

The home page has some content about a long-time employee who is ill and directs them to a GoFundMe page for him. While heartfelt and lovely, it does not belong before information about the restaurant. Also, the website was found not to be secure!

8. Matt’s in the Market Restaurant Website:

Menu online – Yes.
Updated regularly – Possibly.
Pictures of locations – Yes.
Reviews- Press page.
Pictures of food – Yes.

Matt’s in the Market website is an extensive and well-produced Seattle Restaurant Website. It has all their menus online and pictures of various dishes, and the location. The website uses a good background image and fonts to convey the Pike Place Market feel, but it does not seem inviting. It would be nicer to have the actual photo of Pike Market.

The website has many pages, but it is not intrusive. On the main page, there are links for “Home, Menu, Reservations, more…”, making it easy to read and navigate to the most read pages (menus and reservations). When you click on the More tab, a page listing 13 additional pages opens, including information about the chef, the bar, private events, past chefs and events, and links to social media.

The only problem with the site is the pictures. While they are professionally done, you can only find them by clicking on a camera icon at the top of each menu. The camera icon looks a lot like the Instagram logo. Additionally, the images are only shown in thumbnail size and cannot be viewed any larger. This is an example of spending a lot of time and energy on a website and missing a crucial detail.

9. Il Corvo Restaurant Website:

Sample menu online – No.
It is updated regularly – No.
Pictures of location – No.
Reviews- Press page.
Pictures of food – there are only specials from last year.

This is an incomplete WordPress website and lacks many restaurant web design features. There are no graphics, and it is bland and set up like a blog. The page says they have moved their daily updates to Instagram and seemingly abandoned their website, which is not a good idea.

Not everyone has Instagram, but everyone does have browsers. This website restaurant seems like an individual put it together with little or no background in web designing.

10. Super Six Restaurant Website:

Menu online – Yes, although the Amazon link is outdated and does not work. Updated regularly – Clearly not. Pictures of locations – None. Reviews – None. Images of food- Some and others have broken links. An example of this Seattle Restaurant Website is that not enough attention has been paid to the content. Their website is just one page.

There are no pictures of the location itself, and the website is challenging to navigate. At the top of the page are three links to online ordering sites but the first link, Amazon Prime, links you to a page that says Amazon Prime does not do online ordering anymore.

This gives a feeling that the website was designed once and has never been updated. The links to the menu are hard to find, as they are not underlined or have a design where the visitor is expected to click on it, for example, a call to action (CTA). The only graphic on the page is a background picture of a 1960s muscle car and none of the food they serve. Unless you have eaten here, it isn’t easy to decide why you should eat here.

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