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How to Double Your Website Traffic

How to Double Your Website Traffic via some simple methods SEO experts utilize. In fact, the top 50 websites use these simple practices!

Simple Tips To Double Your Website Traffic

  1. Identify Pages with Potential
  2. Check Your Competition
  3. Internal Link Structure
  4. Don’t Forget Voice Search
  5. Simple SEO Strategies Not To Miss

These days, every single website needs a quality online presence. There is no better avenue for lead generation than a heavily visited website. But suppose there’s one thing that small business owners and large corporations have in common. In that case, they need to obey the same technical rules to ensure their website garners the most significant traffic possible. Before you jump on board with designing and building your website, we’ll show you how to double your website traffic through a few good practices!

1. Identify Pages With Potential

Firstly, you should analyze your website and consider which pages have the most potential to be at the top. For example, include a call to action, improve the design and interface, and use actionable and engaging words. And while creating new content is essential, especially for a small business website, you shouldn’t forget to optimize the pages that already exist – this is one of the easiest ways to double your website traffic.

Think about what you could do to improve these pages and further optimize them for the keywords they contain. Naturally, don’t lose time with all the pages first; focus on the ones that come up on the second page of Google search results. These probably need a tiny push to make it to the top.

2. Take A Look At Your Competition.

A WP website has many perks – you can promote yourself or your business without spending much money on costly marketing channels. However, if your competition is outranking you for particular keywords – there’s room for improvement. For example, if your pages are somewhere in the middle of the first 11 and 20 rankings, ten websites are ranking better than you for some reason. And you need to know what that reason is! Have a thorough look at the competition’s online marketing strategies. How and why are they able to increase website traffic?

How to Double website Traffic Image

You want to know what your competition is doing better to improve!

Would you please take one of the competition’s keywords that outranks you and search for it? The first thing that will pop into sight is the rich snippets of your competition; see if they seem more engaging than what you’re offering. Their meta descriptions might invite more clicks than your web page if their meta descriptions are better. And in turn, Google will view them as more relevant to the user and begin ranking them in better positions.

That’s not the end of it, though. You need to review their pages and see if they’re doing anything better than you. For example, their technical metrics (like website speed) might be better, their site design and architecture – or their content might be better structured! This contributes to the overall user experience quality, which Google values immensely. To double your website traffic, you need to know how to improve.

The “Add New Post” page from WordPress

Internal linking is something you need to think about while creating your content!

3. Internal Linking Structure

If you haven’t already, you need to develop a strategy for internal linking. If you’re familiar with SEO, even in passing, you’ll know that all of the content on your website needs to be interconnected through internal linking. The reason for this is simple – this structure is what enables search engines to define your website’s structure better. According to Google, the number of internal links that direct users toward a page represents that page’s importance.

So, if you’re looking for web design tips to double your website traffic: don’t forget to pay constant attention to internal linking! This can’t be done randomly; Google and other search engines value internal linking when found in the proper context. For example, if you start writing a blog about the best ways to boost conversion rates, it would be good to link to an older post that defines a conversion rate if you have one.

4. Voice Search And Featured Snippets Optimization

Speaking of snippets – you should optimize your content for featured snippets if you want to double your website traffic in a reasonable timeframe. These snippets are designed to give users a short, structured, and straightforward answer to their query; most importantly, it’s displayed at the very top of all search results. These snippets steal many clicks from the top-ranking page for that keyword. So, if your page can’t rank in the top spot for a specific keyword, you should try going for the featured snippet.

On the other hand, we’ve got another popular and relatively new feature – voice search. And this is something that’s been bugging SEO experts for a while. After all, being on the first page of Google search results was a clear and primary goal for website owners. These days, however, that’s increasingly becoming insufficient with the advent of voice assistants.

If you’ve ever used a voice assistant, you probably know that it usually responds to search queries with one relevant answer; in almost 50% of cases, this is the vocal rendition of a featured snippet. Naturally, no one can guarantee you will reach the featured snippet with your content. But there are ways to optimize it to have the best possible chances!

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Make sure your content is structured into paragraphs!

How to Double Your Website Traffic

Specific SEO Strategies to use when you want To Double Your Website Traffic

Whether you’re a small business starting up or a local dentist needing quality SEO, those who want to rank best online will need an online marketing expert with a solid background in SEO. For example, we have only provided strategies to increase website traffic and ranking. Other steps to take that will help you double your website traffic are:

Long Tail Keywords

Optimize for long-tail keywords. Users who utilize voice searches usually talk to voice assistants like they’re talking to humans. Thus, they’re not just using concise keywords but asking real questions with long sentences.

Clear Structure

Have structured content: use lists and separate text into appropriate subheadings and paragraphs.

Short Summaries

Have summaries. While long-form content goes a long way toward making your website more authoritative, ensure you’ve got short descriptions of what you’re talking about.

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