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SQL – Structured Query Language

SQL has been around since the ’70s and is the most popular programming language for web development and data analysis. It is the core component in structuring data for websites!

3 Reasons Why You Should Learn SQL

  1. It’s relatively easy to grasp
  2. It can be used in other fields
  3. Companies want to see SQL on a resume

What is SQL?

When you hear programming, you may think of hacking into a security system or making programs that calculate more significant numbers. TV and movies depict much programming as an intense task used to accomplish more meaningful tasks. While this is sometimes true, programming can be as simple as adding data to a database with a statement.

If you have no experience with data, you may be asking, ‘what is a database?’. A database is a way of organizing and storing data into objects called tables. SQL (Structured Query Language) can accomplish many tasks, but in the simplest terms, it’s used to keep, find, and change data in a database.

They are put into effect by relational database management systems (RDBMS), which means an RDBMS makes the database work. Databases make finding specific information or changing digital content (data) easier. They can contain many tables with detailed data, so they are organized and easy to go through. Tables store related data in rows and columns.

You may ask, ‘how does this relate to SQL?’. Searching through these tables and databases is made much easier with SQL. RDBMS uses the language to manipulate data within a table, a table, or the whole database. This means that when you code with SQL, you interact with all the components of a database.

You can find and manipulate the data in a database in several different ways using SQL statements. SQL statements can comprise commands, keywords, operators, functions, and any necessary information (table names, column names, etc.). For example, the statement ‘ SELECT * FROM Sales; ’ displays all the records in the Sales table.

One nice thing about these statements is that keywords are not case-sensitive. This means you can write them in all lowercase or uppercase, and they will perform the same tasks. Keep in mind that keeping lower or uppercase code is beneficial. This allows you to find what you need more efficiently than if your code has varying lower and uppercase characters.

History of SQL

SQL came about in 1970 and was developed by Raymond Boyce and Donald Chamberlin. They were researchers at IBM and were inspired by the writing of Edgar Frank Codd. In 1970, Codd wrote, “A Relational Model of Data for Large Shared Data Banks.” While that title may seem confusing, it means organizing large amounts of data through relations. Codd thought that data in a database should be related in some way.

This idea is what helped Boyce and Chamberlin create SQL. At the time, IBM stored its data in a relational database management system (RDBMS). SQL allowed researchers to find and change data in this system. It was also known as SEQUEL at the time. The programming language was not released to the public for many years. Relational Software finally released a version of SQL called Oracle V2 in 1979.

SQL has become a standard language when it comes to databases

Since the 1970s, SQL has gained a lot of popularity. In the 1980s, SQL became the standard language for searching for and manipulating data in databases. After the Internet was introduced, many more people started using relational databases. This helped boost the popularity of SQL even further. SQL searched and manipulated all the data, with many people using databases to organize their information.

SQL has remained relevant for over 40 years because many companies use it. Many applications are built off relational databases. Developers need to know how to manipulate and search those databases to work with said applications. Well-known companies like Amazon and Facebook have databases to analyze sale information and find statistics. Other companies like Instagram, Spotify, and Netflix use SQL to get the needed data.

Since SQL has been around for so long and has remained relevant, it’s an essential skill for programmers. The term “programmer” is relatively broad, but we generally mean people in the STEM field. Anyone working with data could stand to learn SQL. Even those not in the field might find it helpful to learn the language. Let’s take a look at some reasons why anyone could and should learn SQL.

Why should you Know SQL?

The first reason is for anyone interested in the language. SQL is a relatively easy language to grasp, even if you have never worked with a programming language. Secondly, it can benefit your website and business, especially when generating data that can help make business decisions.

Whether you are a small business, marketer, data analyst, website developer, or data enthusiast, you should learn the basics of SQL!

There are many possibilities for learning SQL. Your ultimate decision will be based on your interest in the subject and your current financial situation. You may find an area of interest you never knew about. Or you may be able to diversify your resume and find more job opportunities. You may pursue none of these options and continue on your current path. Whether you invest in learning SQL or not, you should still be exposed to what part it plays in the industry and numerous professions. SQL truly is a diverse language worth learning if you have the resources.

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